Michael Grab - Meditation, Balance, Art

Michael Grab – Meditation, Balance, Art

Michael Grab, the land artist from Canada,  found his great joy and peace of mind in using the power of gravity. The process of creating his art of balance is not that easy as it might seam. It involves not only Grab’s physical but psychological abilities along with learning his inner self and nature around him. It’s very hard to believe that his work is done with his bare hands, no tools, no wire, no magic, only gravity. That is how his project got its name – Gravity glue, the only secret of his creations. Most of his installations were done in Boulder, Colorado since he moved there in 2002.

Micheal says about his work: “Stone balance teaches the practitioner lessons through silence. The inner silence that one cultivates through balancing (or other meditative practice) is a foundation to realizing that each of us are as much one another as we ARE our entire universe. One gigantic symphony. and to apply a framework of “balance” to the earth-organism will be infinitely beneficial for the well-being of our children, as well as the diversity of life we co-exist with..”

Grab’s art won’t stay timeless in galleries and private collections, it won’t be sold on auctions, yet it will remain in photos and videos of the lucky ones who got to see his life performance of peace.

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