Cally Whitham's Stunning Painting-Like Photography

Cally Whitham’s Stunning Painting-Like Photography

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The most beauty is hidden in the simplest things around us, you just have to open your eyes and look around. That’s what Cally Whitham’s photography is all about – search of promise and value in a banality. New Zealand based artist represents the most unpromising things in an extremely outstanding way. Her subjects are depicted in an almost surreal ambience, making her work resemble a real oil painting.

Whitham describes her philosophy: “I’m interested in the idea of perceptions and how changing a perception gives or takes away value. For instance, people will pay to go to a zoo to look at exotic animals and yet, they will drive right past sheep. One thing is perceived to have value and one does not. And yet the real value lies in the sheep. They used to have a value, we recognized that value, but now we don’t, we drive past. So the challenge is to recognize the aesthetic value that is not overtly recognized and capture that, to see if a new (or old) perception can be recognized.”

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