What your Instagram Filter Says About You? (infographic)

What your Instagram Filter Says About You? (infographic)

Be Careful now! As it turns out, the filter you use on the Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform, can tell a lot about your personality. Marketing website Marketo—with the help of Column Five—created an infographic that tells you what your Instagram filter choice says about you.

The infographic lists down the top 10 Instagram filters and the personalities of the people who use them. According to it, people who use ‘X-Pro II’ are ‘optimists’ who see the world brighter and want others to see it the same way too; while ‘Earlybird’ users are photographers who love to criticize anything modern; and ‘Brannan’ users are fans who may have dropped out of art school in real life, but not in their hearts.

What do you think? Is the infographic accurate?

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