The Evolution of The Batman logo:1940-2012

The Evolution of The Batman logo:1940-2012

This cool infographic timeline covers 72 years (1940-2012) and shows different version of Mr. Wayne’s logo. The Evolution of Batman poster designed by Cathryn Lavery from Calm the Ham is a visual history of the Batman symbol over the years.  This is probably the most consumer logo that has changed this much, yet remains a very powerful and recognizable brand.

Cathryn Lavery also mentions this 2008 video from Rodrigo Alejandro Rojas Sandoval as being the first one that attempted to document this evolution:

Thanks to DC Comics for creating this cultural icon that we can all obsess over, all Batman logos belong to them.

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  • Izzabella

    I had no idea that there had been so many icon,s for batman ……one thing I will say after looking at them all the ones with eyes looked more creepy the only thing I am not too sure of is the actors in the hard six pack,s in the suits they ware ………….I did enjoy looking at the icon,s thanks

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