Top 10 Adrenaline-Rushing Short Videos Shot With A GoPro Camera

Top 10 Adrenaline-Rushing Short Videos Shot With A GoPro Camera

The moment I discovered the existence of this product, I instantly fell in love with the idea as much as the results. The GoPro camera is literally the imagination of an adventure camera simplified and put to work, it just makes me want to mount it on my bike or helmet and get out there and start doing crazy things. The potential of creativity it puts in your hands is undeniably immense.

Out of my love for this camera I’ve decided to compile this adrenaline-rushing list of 10 of their best short videos shot by a GoPro, so grab on to your seat and enjoy this brief ride:

Avalanche Cliff Jump with Matthias Giraud

Red Bull Rampage TV Commercial

The Rubik Juggler

Peace Barrels TV Commercials

Balloon Backflips

A Blonde and a Great White Shark

Vertical Skydiving World Record 2012

Surfing Iceland

Ken Block in Russia

My GoPro Array

And here’s an 11th bonus video to calm you down now!

Dubstep Baby – Super Bowl Commercial 2013

Hope you enjoyed!

We previously featured their latest device, the Hero 3 HD, upon its release here and here, also my good friend Abd El Rahman Gabr of Koree films has utilized it in some of the scenes in his latest timelapse project, Egypt HD.

[All videos via GoPro on Vimeo]

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