London eMotion

London eMotion

London, the one city that has it all, the aim of millions of visitors annually, and the hub of major cultural, social, sports, commercial, etc.(you name it) events. Located on the Thames river, London is the largest urban zone and metropolitan area in the United Kingdom, and the European Union by most measures.

UK-based, Italian-born photographer Mattia Bicchi shared with us his latest creations, this gorgeous timelapse short film, showing off the beloved city in all its aspects. Bicchi tried to capture the variety of the weather and the emotions that make London such a beautiful city. Roaming the city using public transport, he shot 10,230 pictures, taking him a total of 2 months for shooting and the post-production. Enjoy the heartwarming video:

The gear used is the new Canon 6D, and the PocketSlider for the motion. Hats off to an amazing piece of artwork. For more works of Bicchi, make sure to check out his website and vimeo page.

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