10 Breathtaking Images of Mirrored Skylines

10 Breathtaking Images of Mirrored Skylines

Dallas, Texas by Jeffrey Rolinc

Presenting the unique character of cities with waterfronts, we put together this post featuring 10 images of cities skylines reflected on a water surface. The shape defining the urban landscape reflected on nature’s mirror is just magnificent. These images were taken by different photographers, and according to the source, non of the photos has been digitally manipulated, and are all just taken with a camera and a tripod to maintain the still capture.

Dokkum, The Netherlands by Bas Meelker


Dresden, Germany by Manuel Irritier


Singapore cityscape by WK Cheoh

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Seattle, Washington by John G. Cramer 


Groningen, Netherlands by Rayon Hoepel


Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Jacob Rostermundt


Amsterdam, Netherlands by Anna Gett


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Bill Dickinson


Seoul, South Korea by Saik Kim

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