New York City Skyline Welcomes the Highest Building in the Western Hemisphere

New York City Skyline Welcomes the Highest Building in the Western Hemisphere

The 2013 update for New York City’s brings a unique and iconic upgrade. Construction progress of the new World Trade Center complex arrived at one of it’s main milestone marks. With the spire installed in place atop One WTC ,  it crowned it as the highest building in the western hemisphere – one year exactly after claiming the title for the highest tower in New York

Soaring at almost 125 meters (408 feet), the spire will elevate the building height to a symbolic (540 meters) 1,776 feet and place it at the 3rd spot of the world’s highest buildings, right after Burj Khalifa of Dubai and Mecca’s Clock Tower in Saudi Arabia – 13th if you don’t count the spire in. The symbolic height of 1776 feet represents the year 1776 of the American Independence.

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To put the achieved height into perspective, here are a couple of comparative illustrations:

  • New York ranking:

  • World ranking:


One WTC, designed by David Childs of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, is scheduled for completion late 2013 with an estimated price tag of $3.8 billion. The new complex consists of 5 high-rise towers, a museum, the 911 memorial, open since September 2011, on the 10th anniversary of the attacks, and the Calatrava transportation hub (in the below rendered imaged).

The following animation shows the progress of construction and the final look of the complex once complete:


Manhattan is back!!

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[Images via: Oregon life, About, Reuters]

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