What Google Glass Can Do to Photographers if it Took Over

What Google Glass Can Do to Photographers if it Took Over

Google’s latest and most innovative creation, Glass, looks like it’s heading our way as a reality and hitting the shelves very soon. There are already various apps developed for the new smart glasses, including one that can trigger the camera shutter with a wink!

If the gadget is embraced by users and managed to build an audience base, what would photographers look like using the smart eye-winking camera?!

Grovo, in the clip below, offers a humorous look at what photographers would look like if Google Glass becomes widely used as a camera and camcorder.

Grovo describes sarcastically:

Here’s someone you’ll be seeing in a few months: the Google Glass photographer. Nature shots, concerts, time-lapse videos, weddings… the Google Glass photographer does it all.

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The Google Glass photographer, could this be our future?! let us know what you think in the comments.

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