Wiki loves the Earth 2013 in Ukraine

“Wiki loves the Earth 2013″ Photo Contest in Ukraine

Public organization, Wikimedia Ukraine, wrapped up its latest national photo-contest, Wiki loves the Earth 2013. The contest went on for one month, from April 15 till May 15, and ended with a jury picking the 12 best photographs of natural attractions in Ukraine out of 11,736 images submitted by 365 participants. The contest was primarily aimed at creating a new photo-database of all the natural protected areas of Ukraine, in order to illustrate them on Wikipedia’s articles.


Reserve “Stone Graves”


“White Elephant” an abandoned campus of the former Polish Astronomical and Meteorological Observatory, Carpathian Mountains


 Mud hill Obrucheva, Crimea


 Regional Landscape Park “Zuevsky”


 Vorozheska Lake, Svidovets array, Carpathian Mountains


 Reserve “Haphalskyy”


Quiet bay, Crimea


The rocky outcrop of the Upper Cretaceous, Kramatorsk


 Botanical Reserve “Mountain range Tepe-Oba”


 Dawn on Ai-Petri Mountain


Dniester Canyon


Green Island, Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi

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