21 Spectacular Examples of Animal Camouflage

21 Spectacular Examples of Animal Camouflage

Camouflage is one of the adaptation skills animals have evolved to carry as a major mean of survival. In nature, every advantage increases an animal’s chances of staying alive, and therefore its chances of reproducing.

In this post, we’ll see how animals blend in with their environment and turn into sophisticated hiders who can change their camouflage in accordance with a change in their surroundings, and sometimes throw predators off by disguising themselves as something dangerous or uninteresting.­

Here are 21 interesting examples of animal camouflage, some of these will give you a challenge!

1. Great Grey Owl

Image credits: Art Wolfe

2. Giraffe

Image credits: Art Wolfe

3. Willow Ptarmigan

Image credits: Art Wolfe

4. Long-Eared Owl

Image credits: eoiarucasadvancedone.blogspot

5. Tropidoderus Childrenii

Image credits: petrichor

6. Stick Insect

Image credits: phasmatodea.cz

7. Spider

Image credits: Piet Grobler

8. Toads

Image credits: photography.nationalgeographic.com

9. Adelpha Serpa Selerio Caterpillar

Image credits: Arthur Anker

10. Seahorse

Image credits: imgur

11. Uroplatus Geckos

Image credits: imgur | Jialiang Gao

12. Hedgehog

Image credits: good-wallpapers.com

13. Great Potoo

Image credits: dailymail

14. Stone Flounder

Image credits: domhyde.wordpress.com

15. Frog

Image credits: earthwatch2.org

16. Stealth Owl

Image credits: P A B S

17. Katydid

Image credits: dailymail

18. Indian leaf wing butterfly

image credits: flickr

19. California Ground Squirrel

Image credits: Art Wolfe

20. Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Image credits: dailymail

21. Common Baron Caterpillar

Image credits: wohinauswandern

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