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The World’s Most Colorful Urban Stairs

Life is not bright enough? Add up some colors! Many artists, designers and just enthusiasts take this advice literally. One of the examples is vivid patterns popping up every now and then over regular, unnoticeable stairways in different parts of our planet.  These creative projects transform simple steps into new objects as well as brighten the urban landscape around. 

Picture of the Day: Graffiti Removal Guy Graffitied!

UK-based graffiti artist, DS saw his Bad Kitty graffiti on a London wall painted over within eight hours of spraying it. The piece was intended as a statement on the “squeaky clean image” of the Hello Kitty cartoon. His reaction to the removal was rather different this time. He documented the removal guy himself, and used one image of the graffiti removal employee as his next piece of art on the very same wall. The piece is still on view on the wall in Essex Road, Islington. DS told the Daily Mail: “My reaction to it being removed was a little different than normally. Knowing a piece… Read more »

15 Breathtaking Roads Around the World

Want to discover new places with a closer, deeper look? Then road-tripping is your kind of travelling. Simply grab some snacks, jump in the car, turn on your favorite tune and enjoy the romance of the drive. And since you sacrificed the comfort and speed of the plane to the scenery outside of your vehicle’s window , the view has to be amazing, it has to charm. Here are the 15 roads around the world which can not be missed – breathtaking lifetime experience, must have on the travel wishlist, no doubt!

Picture of the Day: Giant Rooster amid the Trafalgar Square in London

Few days ago, on July 25, 2013, a giant blue rooster appeared amid London’s Trafalgar Square. The  4.7 meters (15 feet) installation is called “Hahn/Cock” and made by German artist Katharina Fritsch. This is the most recent sculpture to occupy the Forth Plinth, which every now and then is carrying the artwork of the art contest winner, organized by London’s mayor Boris Johnson. The enormous bird supposed to symbolize the male-dominated Britain and will remain on the plinth for 18 months. 

10 Amazing Pictures from the “Masters of Nature Photography” Book

On September 5, 2013  The Natural History Museum will publish ”The Masters of Nature Photography” book. These are 10 shots made by the past winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition which is run by the Natural History Museum and BBC Worldwide. Enjoy the breathtaking images of extraordinary nature from around the globe along with the incredible stories of how the photography was made.  1. Jim Brandenburg, North Dakota, USA, 1975 It was windy on that North Dakota prairie, so windy that it was unnerving. It was also midday, and knowing that the light isn’t good at that time, I… Read more »

Behind a Little House – Series of Dramatic Landscape Changes

Manuel Cosentino is a graduate of the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome. He used to work as a visual effects artist in the film industry and was involved in few movies including Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and Narnia Prince Caspian. At some point Cosentino decided to move back to his home country – Italy and focus more on his love to art and photography. His inspiration came from a little house on a hill. The artist spent two years on coming back to it during different weather conditions in order to capture the power of nature and called this series of photos Behind… Read more »

Mapping The World’s Stereotypes in 31 Humorous Images

Ever wanted a guide of how foreigners think of your country and people?! This Satirical cartography project about geographic prejudices and national impressions puts it all in your hands. Created by London-based, Bulgarian visual artist Yanko Tsvetkov, whose decision to create infographical world maps based on people’s views and opinions, reveals humorous stereotypes and the premature judgement of mankind. Find your country in each map and let us know how accurate they are in the comments below. Enjoy! SEE ALSO: Grandmas Dishes From Around the World  SEE ALSO: Government Budgets: Education vs Military Spending [infographic]

Picture of the Day: NASA Released View of Earth from Saturn

This photo was taken on July 19,  2013 from the Cassini spacecraft. The wide-angle camera has captured Saturn rings along with our planet Earth, which is 898 million miles (1.44 billion kilometers) away in this image and appears as a blue dot at center right. You can notice the moon as a fainter protrusion off Earth’s right side. The other bright dots nearby are stars. According to NASA this is only the third time ever that Earth has been imaged from the outer solar system.

Cortex – Innovative 3D Printed Cast by Jake Evill

Have you ever had your limb broken? If yes I’m sure you’ve hated that heavy cast, itchy and stinky skin underneath, uncomfortable shower and dressing up, you can continue the list of discomfort. Jake Evill, a fresh graduate from the Architecture and Design faculty at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand with a Major in Media Design and a Minor in Industrial Design came up with a very simple and innovative idea. His 3D printed cast – the Cortex – is light, shower friendly, fully ventilated, recyclable and very stylish. If Evill’s concept will be approved by medical professionals, patient’s x-ray and 3D… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Jordan’s Syrian Refugee City, the World’s Largest of its Kind!

This is an aerial view of the Zaatari refugee camp which roughly holds 115,000 Syrian refugees near the Jordanian city of Mafraq, 8 kilometers (5 miles) from the Jordan-Syria border. The picture was taken by Mandel Ngan on Thursday, July 18, 2013 during a visit of John Kerry, US Secretary of State. According to U.N. official Zaatari is not just a refugee camp, but more like a small city with various facilities such as 3,000 shops, plenty of restaurants, food vendors, taxi services, schools, sport fields and hospitals spread around its 12 districts with  its own “Champs Elysees” as the main street. During his… Read more »

Hand-Cut Leaf Art by Lorenzo Durán

Spain-based artist Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva has always dealt with different forms of art since he was a little boy. Later on as he worked in construction industry he realized that he would like to do something he could really enjoy every single minute of his life. The inspiration came from nature – one day Durán saw a caterpillar eating the leaf, so he wanted to copy this technique in his own way. The artist started his carving work in 2008 and keeps mastering it till now; he named it Naturayarte. Durán is using dry leaves as canvas, as he believes that : “their shapes, sizes and… Read more »

Outstanding Illusion by Béla Borsodi

How many images this picture consists of? Four photoshopped ones, right? Wrong! Hard to believe but this is a single shot of precisely aligned objects. The perfect optical illusion was constructed by the New-York based photographer – Béla Borsodi, who created this image as a cover for  the new album of band VLP, Terrain. If it touches you, if it excites you, if it makes you cry, if it makes you smile. A good photograph is something that you cannot resist looking at. – Borsodi says. Check out behind the scene video for more details SEE ALSO: 3D Illusion Sketches by Nagai Hideyuki [Source:… Read more »

Flower Birds by Red Hong Yi

Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi has challenged herself into making a new art project every months. She was previously featured on our blog in “31 Days of Creative Food Art by Malaysian Artist ‘Red’ Hong Yi” and Coffee Ring Stains Portrait by Hong Yi. This month Red is experimenting with flowers and herbs as she creates exotic birds out of petals and twigs.

Picture of the Day: Manhattan Now and Then

Ever wondered how New York used to look like before it was a city? The Manhatta project through 1999 – 2009 discovered that one of the world’s most build-up cities once used to be very rich in terms of landscapes and wildlife community  for thousands of years before Europeans arrived on the scene in 1609. The Welikia Project (2010 – 2013) goes beyond Manahattan to encompass the entire city, discover its original ecology and compare it to what we have today; they give a chance to anyone to walk in past through the map on their website. The Welikia Project also includes… Read more »

Food Huggers – Preserving the Leftover Halves

Simplicity is the key to success. That’s the first thought I got seeing the new project called Food Huggers by Adrienne McNicholas and Michelle Ivankovic. What do you usually do with leftover halves from your veggies and fruits? Cover with film, put in a plastic container, just keep as is on side door of the fridge till it eventually dries and so on. McNicholas and Ivankovic found a brilliant solution to keep the halves fresh, they invented a silicone caps of different diameters (1,5 to 4 inches) which can preserve leftovers and match anything from a lime to a grapefruit. It even… Read more »

London Through Kornel Flint’s Eyes

Kornel Flint – UK-based, polish-born photographer, after moving to London early 2012, he fell in love with the city and ever since, every now and then, he loves to grab his camera, tripod and go out to shoot his new home city. He uses a Sony A700 + 16-105mm f3.5-5.6 lens and some Cokin ND filters, adding an amazing HDR-like effect to his images. The results are truly magical.

Vivid Umbrellas Installation in Agueda, Portugal

The city of Agueda, Portugal decorated some of their streets with colorful umbrellas again. The installation was created around few shopping areas by Sextafeira Produções as a part of Agitagueda art festival. Patricia Almeida and Pedro Nascimento were among the first ones to capture  this splash of brightness and share it with the world through their flickr accounts.

Full-scale T-rex in Paris by Philippe Pasqua

French artist Philippe Pasqua moved the fashion of public installations on a new level – he completed the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton over the Seine river in Paris. 350 chrome molded bones create a life size structure of 21′ x 12′ (3m by 6m) which really amazes viewers by its massive scale . Related Images:

Children’s Drawings into Real-life Furniture

Jack Beveridge and Joshua Lake held an art class of 7-8 years old students at St. John’s Church of England Primary School in Kingston, Surrey and asked kids to draw a chair. The artists’ aim was to explore children’s untainted imagination on a very standard piece of furniture. Working with a local primary school, we took an art class and gave the children a simple piece of paper with the words, ‘please draw a chair’. with a little encouragement and some coloring in pencils, the children started scribbling away their dream chair! after an hour, we had the most beautiful selection of… Read more »

Mesmerizing Black & White African Wildlife Photography by Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt, photographer from London, is one of the few, who ever considered taking pictures of wild fauna. Opposite to the standard approach on capturing the dramatic single action of the animals, he focuses on the beauty of the static shots in the iconic plains of the East Africa. There’s one thing I do whilst shooting that I believe makes a big difference:  I get extremely close to these very wild animals, often within a few feet of them. I don’t use telephoto lenses. This is because I want to see as much of the sky and landscape as possible–to… Read more »

Junk or History by David Emitt Adams

David Emitt Adams, photographer from Arizona, creates fascinating art on rusty old cans he found in the local desert. The artist decided to give some importance to the meaningless junk, that was dumped more than 40 years ago when the American desert was more empty and less touched by buildings. Adams’ project “Conversation with History” was created with the labor-intensive 19th century photographic process known as wet-plate collodion, the result of his work was “an object that has history as an artifact and an image that ties it to its location. These cans are the relics of the advancement of our… Read more »

Grandmas Dishes From Around the World

Is it possible to leave grandma’s house hungry? I don’t think anyone was ever able to. This statement doubtless applies to any country. Prove needed?  Gabriele Galimberti’s project “Delicatessen with love” took him around the world to discover the endless love and care of grandmothers in different continents. The idea came from his own granny, who wondered what Gabriele is going to eat while travelling. Galimberti decided to try the world cuisine through a grandson’s hunger. As a result of his journey he brought to the world a book of grannies recipes based on love, exotic ingredients and taste of traditions.

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