Food Huggers - Preserving the Leftover Halves

Food Huggers – Preserving the Leftover Halves

Simplicity is the key to success. That’s the first thought I got seeing the new project called Food Huggers by Adrienne McNicholas and Michelle Ivankovic. What do you usually do with leftover halves from your veggies and fruits? Cover with film, put in a plastic container, just keep as is on side door of the fridge till it eventually dries and so on.

McNicholas and Ivankovic found a brilliant solution to keep the halves fresh, they invented a silicone caps of different diameters (1,5 to 4 inches) which can preserve leftovers and match anything from a lime to a grapefruit. It even gets better, Food Huggers can be used for cans! The handy seals are stretchy as they are made of FDA grade silicone (BPA-free and phthalate-free),  they are done in four overlapping sizes that nest together so you can store them easily, and they are dishwasher-, microwave- and freezer-safe. The  family of Food Huggers recently got their newest member – avocado hugger. Food have never been fresher.

[Source: designboom]

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