Hand-cut Leaf Art by Lorenzo Durán

Hand-Cut Leaf Art by Lorenzo Durán

Spain-based artist Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva has always dealt with different forms of art since he was a little boy. Later on as he worked in construction industry he realized that he would like to do something he could really enjoy every single minute of his life. The inspiration came from nature – one day Durán saw a caterpillar eating the leaf, so he wanted to copy this technique in his own way. The artist started his carving work in 2008 and keeps mastering it till now; he named it Naturayarte.

Durán is using dry leaves as canvas, as he believes that :

“their shapes, sizes and textures open up a world of possibilities. What I’m experiencing with this work is teaching me that there are no barriers.”

The transforming process of a leaf into masterpiece takes some time. First of all the artist collects, washes and dries a variety of leaves, then he embeds a sketch as he presses it over his natural canvas and starts carving his delicate illustrations with a scalpel. As a result Durán produces breathtaking patterns which makes you wonder – how is this possible?!

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[Source: My Modern Met]

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