Cortex - Innovative 3D Printed Cast

Cortex – Innovative 3D Printed Cast by Jake Evill

Have you ever had your limb broken? If yes I’m sure you’ve hated that heavy cast, itchy and stinky skin underneath, uncomfortable shower and dressing up, you can continue the list of discomfort. Jake Evill, a fresh graduate from the Architecture and Design faculty at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand with a Major in Media Design and a Minor in Industrial Design came up with a very simple and innovative idea. His 3D printed cast – the Cortex – is light, shower friendly, fully ventilated, recyclable and very stylish.

If Evill’s concept will be approved by medical professionals, patient’s x-ray and 3D scan will be utilized by computer in order to produce 3D model related to the point of fracture. The area around the break would receive the most support with a tighter-knit pattern of material, while areas farther away on the arm would have larger holes.

 “At the moment, 3D printing of the cast takes around three hours whereas a plaster cast is three to nine minutes, but requires 24-72 hours to be fully set,” says the designer. “With the improvement of 3D printing, we could see a big reduction in the time it takes to print in the future.”

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