Behind a Little House - Series of Dramatic Landscape Changes

Behind a Little House – Series of Dramatic Landscape Changes

Manuel Cosentino is a graduate of the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome. He used to work as a visual effects artist in the film industry and was involved in few movies including Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and Narnia Prince Caspian. At some point Cosentino decided to move back to his home country – Italy and focus more on his love to art and photography. His inspiration came from a little house on a hill. The artist spent two years on coming back to it during different weather conditions in order to capture the power of nature and called this series of photos Behind a little house.

His set of photography is currently exposed in New York’s Klompching Gallery’s Annual Summer Show: Fresh 2013, which runs from July 17 till August 10.

Behind a Little House is an intimate participatory art project which can only be accessed through the pages of an artist book and chooses to sacrifice dissemination (large-scale web 2.0 approach) to reclaim a physical connection with the audience. I wanted the viewer to start as an outside observer, a spectator, and then suddenly realize that they can participate – the wall mounted photographs lead up to the artist book where everyone is invited to contribute by drawing on the last photograph sheared on each page, giving impromptu co-authors the freedom to shape the direction and the content of the artwork. Text, photographs and drawings provide a framework to the interpretation of the artwork until external contribution starts to add to the dialogue. The project – with its open ended narrative – intends to start a conversation with the public; its nature is purposefully left mutable, open to chance and to change.” – says Cosentino.

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 [Source: Colossal, Twisted Sister]

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