Graffiti Removal Guy Graffitied!

Picture of the Day: Graffiti Removal Guy Graffitied!

UK-based graffiti artist, DS saw his Bad Kitty graffiti on a London wall painted over within eight hours of spraying it. The piece was intended as a statement on the “squeaky clean image” of the Hello Kitty cartoon. His reaction to the removal was rather different this time. He documented the removal guy himself, and used one image of the graffiti removal employee as his next piece of art on the very same wall. The piece is still on view on the wall in Essex Road, Islington.

DS told the Daily Mail: “My reaction to it being removed was a little different than normally. Knowing a piece has been removed or painted over doesn’t bother me – it’s the name of the game in graffiti – but this time was a little different as it only lasted eight hours.

DS added that the city council should not decide on the “legitimacy” or “worthiness” of a piece of art. I guess his message was delivered clearly this time.

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