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iPhonography Taken to the Professional Contest Level

iPhone Photography Awards™ (IPPAWARDS) – the first and the longest running iPhone photography competition since 2007 when the first iPhone appeared. According to the contest rules all photos have to be taken with an iPhone or iPod and are not allowed to be edited with any programs like Photoshop, though they can be slightly adjusted with iPhone apps such as Hipstamatic or Camerabag. This year the judges had a real challenge of picking up the winners; they had to go through thousands of entries from 38 countries. The results were simply astonishing. First place: Holly Wesley, Argyll, Scotland   Second place:… Read more »

Build Your iPhone 5 Case by Lego x Belkin

Never too old for LEGO – that’s the main idea of the new “builder case” for iPhone 5 produced by LEGO and Belkin. Scratch-resistant and semi-flexible outer frame along with molded back allows to accommodate a large variety of LEGO blocks. The playful twist opens up a vast spectrum of personalizing options. Bring your childhood back into your life!  “At LEGO® we strive to build imagination into everyday life and the partnership with Belkin allows us to do that: offering a functional product that also serves as a stage for expression for anyone embracing a mobile lifestyle,” said Jørgen Vig Knudstorp,… Read more »

Insanely Detailed Pen Drawings by Tim Jeffs

Tim Jeffs, illustrator from New Jersey, USA, has lifetime hobby of drawing mesmerizing pictures of animals in black and white . Using only pen and ink he manages to produce incredibly detailed and alive illustrations.  “Doing artwork is my passion. I love detail. And the more complex, intricate the subject matter the better.” – says Jeffs. Each new piece takes Jeffs about 12 to 16 hours of work. Recently the artist put his work on Etsy, while his portfolio keeps on growing.

Coloring Your Home – Tips from Professionals

Interior design is a subtle art, and one often underappreciated by the mainstream. Color alone can represent a great stepping stone on any project, as warring faction’s battle over what they want each space to say – as well as how to say it. Luckily for us, Design55 have come up with the simple infographic below to explain how it’s done; and they’ve done so with style.   From advice on how to best match colors for a trophy room, to an analysis of which tones best represent stability, confidence, maturity and others, this infographic crams more information into a single page than most… Read more »

Self-Headstands Photos Across the World by Alex Wein

Bored of taking same pictures of smiling yourself next to places of interest? Seeking for selfies inspiration? Alex Wein took this kind of search on the new level. During his cross-country road trip around states in 2011 he started his creative Headstands project. Since then posing while standing on his head became an ongoing case for Wein. He takes the pictures around famous places such as The Grand Canyon in Arizona as well as photos of himself balancing on top of piano. The wicked images are created with the help of Wein’s photographer friends.

Maman – Giant Spider Sculpture by Louise Bourgeois

Maman (“mother” in French), created in 1999 by French-American artist Louise Bourgeois, is one of the world’s largest sculptures. Measured over 30 ft high and over 33 ft wide, the mammoth artwork consists of a sac containing 26 marble eggs, the abdomen and thorax which are made up of ribbed bronze. The sculpture was dedicated to Bourgeois’ mother whom she lost in age of 21. The friend (the spider – why the spider?) because my best friend was my mother and she was deliberate, clever, patient, soothing, reasonable, dainty, subtle, indispensable, neat, and as useful as a spider. She could also defend herself, and me, by… Read more »

Interactive Photos of New York City Then and Now

Paul Sahner, after moving to New York 9 years ago and taking many of various photos and videos around the city, decided to blog about it. His website NYC Grid explores the neighborhoods “street by street and block by block.” “I will attempt to document anything of interest, be it architectural, cultural, or just a good place to get a burrito,” – Sahner says. The website gives an idea not only on the modern side of the metropolis but compares identical locations from the old times with nowadays in the Before and After section. The best part of the history flashback is the interactive… Read more »

Simply Amazing Close-Ups of Van Gogh’s Paintings

Google Art Project  – a new service by Google – allows anyone to enjoy masterpieces of more than 40 000 images from more than 40 countries online gathered in one spot. The outstanding collection is a contribution from different museums around the world. Some of images are available in gigapixel format, allowing the viewers to enjoy extremely detailed close-ups on favorite art. The project includes more than 150 artworks by Dutch post-impressionist Vincent Van Gogh. Below there are some of his painting with extreme zoom on brush stroke details. No words needed, impressive vision of the great master. The Starry Night –… Read more »

20 Perfectly Timed Photographs

Life is full of unpredictable moments – one second, one blink and you missed it. Sometimes the lucky coincidence of perfect time, perfect place and angle brings up an amazing result impossible to duplicate. One of a kind images, breathtaking and jaw dropping, indescribable – descriptions can go on and on, but better scroll down and enjoy them yourself!

A Bead-Covered World by Liza Lou

American artist Liza Lou spent years creating her incredibly detailed artwork using glass beads as a medium.  First she was recognized as an artist in 1996 when her full-sized project “Kitchen” was presented at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. It took Lou 5 years (1991-1996) to complete the installation covered with millions of beads carefully installed one by one with tweezers. Later on in 1999 Lou came out with the new creation – “Backyard”; this time she used 30 million beads, most of which went on covering the grass. This year Liza Lou presented another project called… Read more »

Adorable Faces of Babies Trying a Lemon for the Very First Time

Lemons can be a great source of entertainment. Especially when you give babies the opportunity to taste it for the first time! – fun is the main idea of the new project called pucker. by photographers April Maciborka and David Wile. The project is incredibly simple yet the result is purely adorable and exciting. Each baby’s reaction is unique, expressing surprising emotion in each case – from shock to happiness of the new experience. Blue background, naked tummies and cute bibs only emphasize the outcome. SEE ALSO: What Would Happen if the Intimate Inner-Child Inside Us is Completely Revealed?  [Source: My Modern Met]

Artistic Portraits in Spilled Food

When something is spilled most people will just clean the mess up, but not the French self-taught artist Vivi Mac. In her ongoing series called Art Ephemere, Mac is creating very detailed portraits of famous people out of literally anything – salt, milk, caramel, gum, crushed ice – you name it. She didn’t study anywhere except of online resources and Facebook, yet her work is amazing in all aspects; the tray as a canvas and anything edible as a tool – how creative is that!

LightRails – Colorful Viaduct Installation by Bill FitzGibbons

Bill FitzGibbons, sculptor and public artist, has created a welcoming installation over the dull railroad underpass in Birmingham, Alabama. Originally built in 1931 the underpass is a connection between downtown and a new urban space called Railroad Park. FitzGibbons aimed to create a friendly atmosphere for the visitors between these two districts. The project is called LightRails and made of computerized LED network which consists of 250 units and creates 16 million different colors and frequencies, giving safe and pleasant vibe to the area. SEE ALSO: Miami Rainbow – Harmonic Convergence by Christopher Janney [Source: Contemporist; Inhabitat]

Capturing the Transition Through Time in Single Magnificent Shots

Singapore-based artist Fong Qi Wei  found his own way to break out the limits of a single shot in time photography. His Time is a dimension series of various  landscapes was produced from sequences of shots done within 2-4 hours mostly at sunrise or sunset hours when the sky color changes dramatically.  The basic structure of a landscape is present in every piece. But each panel or concentric layer shows a different slice of time, which is related to the adjacent panel/layer. The transition from daytime to night is gradual and noticeable in every piece, but would not be something you expect to see… Read more »

Biodegradable Tableware Inspired by Fruits and Vegetables

Graft, a project by Chinese designer Qiyun Deng, is a set of utensils and bowls referencing to the skin and textures of real fruits and vegetables. The tableware is made of bioplastic PLA derived from the renewable resources. Deng used plants natural beauty and simplicity as details of his work: celery stem acts as handle for the fork; a petal of artichoke becomes the bowl of spoon, etc. By waking both visual and haptic sensation the author is pointing out a question – will you be able to throw them away easily? SEE ALSO: Food Huggers – Preserving the Leftover Halves  [Source: designboom; Colossal]

Reddit’s Poll to Europeans Reveal the Most Loved, Hated and Serious Countries

To celebrate the 30,000th subscriber, Europe section of Reddit made a poll questioning Europeans about other Europeans. Respondents were not allowed to vote for their own country. Silly questions along with intriguing answers end up into maps compiled by the user IchBinSisyphos.   The most loved country appeared to be Germany   Vatican was chosen as the least-favorite, followed by Russia and France   I guess this article won’t be accepted the most by Germans   Swedes came out the cutest   Russians led this voting   Most participants consider French accent funny SEE ALSO: Mapping The World’s Stereotypes in 31 Humorous… Read more »

Glowing Day To Night Series by Stephen Wilkes

Stephen Wilkes‘ art and photography has been highly recognized around the world during past few decades. He’s been honored with numerous awards as well as appeared in many known magazines such as Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, Time, Life Magazine, and The New York Times Magazine. Wilkes’ series Day and Night is a mesmerizing collection of the perfectly captured images from dawn till dark. The artist blended thirty to fifty shots to create the energetic flow of the city. The photographs came out stunning and full of details, inviting the viewer pause and take a closer look. Coney Island   Union Square,… Read more »

Crocheted Four-Car Locomotive by Olek

Polish-born, New-York based artist Olek challenged herself into crocheting the whole four-car locomotive in Lodz, Poland. The work took four days of non-stop with the help of four assistants. The colorful project was opened on July 19 and will stay on view till August 19. Olek is known for her crochet obsession due to her various projects around the world, as they bring color and life, energy, and surprise to the living space. If the natural progression is to make bigger better pieces, what should I make next? Can someone give me a plane? Or should I go to the moon?… Read more »

Nat Geo Traveler Photo Contest: 20 Most Impressive Wildlife Photos

Annually, after Nat Geo, wraps up the year’s photo contest, it’s a delight to go back and look at the stunning participating photographs contestants submitted for the different branches of the competition, and admire the talent and the story each photo carries. This year, two judging rounds of experts announced the first prize winner of 25th National Geographic Traveler Photo contest in the end of June; with the lucky one winning an expedition to the Galápagos with the National Geographic team, and the runner-ups will have their pictures posted in the magazine or the website. Here’s a selection of the best of the wildlife… Read more »

Exotic Paper Birds by Diana Beltran Herrera

Artist from Bogota, Colombia, Diana Beltran Herrera has very outstanding paper cutting skills. Paper as her primer medium represents notions of temporality and change, emphasizing the process of transformation that continuously occur in nature as well as mankind.  Herrera’s new exotic birds leave a breathtaking impression; detailed work, colors, bird’s expressions  – all make you want to believe that they are real.

Know Where You Stand – Connecting the Past with the Present

Self-taught American artist Seth Taras, one of Luerzer’s Archive’s 200 Best Photographers Worldwide,  made an impressive set of photographs connecting the past with nowadays. The project is called “Know where you stand” and was done for the History Channel brand campaign. Taras traveled around the world taking pictures of historically significant places from the same angle as the original image was taken. The only alteration he made to the shots afterwards was blending. “Know where you stand” got Cannes Lion award as well as has been translated into 30 languages and published in 130 countries.

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