Artistic Portraits in Spilled Food

Artistic Portraits in Spilled Food

When something is spilled most people will just clean the mess up, but not the French self-taught artist Vivi Mac. In her ongoing series called Art Ephemere, Mac is creating very detailed portraits of famous people out of literally anything – salt, milk, caramel, gum, crushed ice – you name it.

She didn’t study anywhere except of online resources and Facebook, yet her work is amazing in all aspects; the tray as a canvas and anything edible as a tool – how creative is that!

1. Bruce Lee


2. Lauryn Hill


3. Timbaland/Thymbaland


4. Amélie

5. Thierry ‘En Riz’ Henry


6. Nelson Mandela


7. Martin Luther King Jr.


8. Notorious BIG


9. Michael Jackson


10. Jérôme Cahuzac


11. Eminem


12. Ice Cube


13. Yoda


 14. Gandhi


15. Maradona

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 [Source: Twisted Sifter]

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