Coloring Your Home - Tips from Professionals

Coloring Your Home – Tips from Professionals

Interior design is a subtle art, and one often underappreciated by the mainstream. Color alone can represent a great stepping stone on any project, as warring faction’s battle over what they want each space to say – as well as how to say it. Luckily for us, Design55 have come up with the simple infographic below to explain how it’s done; and they’ve done so with style.
From advice on how to best match colors for a trophy room, to an analysis of which tones best represent stability, confidence, maturity and others, this infographic crams more information into a single page than most books manage in 300. For newcomers, it doubles as a handy guide to getting their heads around the basics; for dab hands, it’s a challenge: a cheeky quiz to test their knowledge against. But, even for those who have been in the game since time immemorial, it’s guaranteed to throw up a few surprises. From a look at Baudrillard’s opinions on creating atmosphere to a dip into the cutting edge of ADD research, there’s a lot to admire here. Let us know if it worked for you in the comments below.

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[Submitted by Oliver Randall, Design55]

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