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Recycled Art by Jane Perkins

UK-based artist Jane Perkins obtains her inspiration in found objects. She uses anything from toys, shells, buttons, beads, jewelry etc. as media for her re-interpreted contemporary art. Perkins states that she doesn’t add any color, her work comes out of spontaneously placed small pieces of right size and shape. Inspired by impressionism, artist achieved a mesmerizing effect in her creations. Her work keeps your eyes attached from a distance view and a close-up as well. So many interesting small pieces perfectly stand into masterpieces, breathtaking!

25 Pictures from the Past You Can’t Miss

Time passes by becoming a history and all we have left are just memories. Luckily photography keeps some of them accurately preserved for the future generations. Here is a collection of unique images picturing priceless moments from the past. No words needed, they simple speak for themselves.

Funny Illustrations of Animals and Various Objects Talking Out Loud

New York graphic designer David Olenick creates hilarious yet smart series of illustrations about everyday life of animals and various objects. Truth from Olenick will make you look at your kitty or even cup of coffee differently from now. All these and many more decals are available for purchase as t-shirt, iPhone case, pillow and so on prints on Society6 and Threadless.

Elegant Mystery in Portraits by Antonio Mora

Spanish photographer Antonio Mora creates very mysterious art series called Dream Portraits in which he blends portraits together with intriguing landscapes. Two not matching themes perfectly results into one hypnotizing image “that open a crack in our collective memory allowing us to watch, though only it is an instant the hybrid beings who populate our deepest dreams”. Mora also invites anyone to get his very own Dream portrait. If you are interested, send your picture to the artist along with few words about yourself and within a couple of days you’ll become a lucky owner of an elegant and unique creation.

Outside the Lines – Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations

More than 100 illustrators, cartoonists and street artists collaborated together under one project called Outside the lines. The book is a compilation of incredibly creative coloring pages for all ages. But, I guess, the ones who are into contemporary art, will appreciate it more. Curator of the project Souris Hong-Porretta spent around 3 years on accomplishing the final copy.  The result is brilliant. Going through few examples below will really itch your hands to color them!

People Interacting with Street Art by Julien Coquentin

French photographer Julien Coquentin twists the street art we see every day into 3D live pictures. In his Please Draw Me a Wall series he adds a little touch of interaction between an urban mural and his model, which gives even more sense to an average graffiti.

100 Colors – Floating Rainbow by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Emmanuelle Moureaux, French architect and designer residing in Tokyo since 1996, produced a simple yet mesmerizing “100 colors” installation for Shinjuki creators festa 2013. To complete this project Moureaux used 100 of hues applied over than 840 sheets hung over the ceiling. Throwing bean bags here and there, the designer invites the visitors to engage themselves into her installation and enjoy the rainbow floating over their heads. “When I first arrived in Tokyo, I was fully fascinated by the colors overflowing on the street. In that very moment, my mind decided to move to Japan. Overwhelming number of store signs, flying electrical cables, and… Read more »

Amazing Finger Paintings on the iPad by Seikou Yamaoka

Morning commute to work is usually a waste of time with a cup of coffee or other beverage, newspaper, book or music on the way. Not for Seikou Yamaoka. Japanese artist is using the transportation time to his office wisely. Having just an iPad or an iPhone in his hands, Yamaoka creates an amazing art. You would never be able to say that the only tools he uses are ArtStudio app and his finger. His complex paintings look like there were done with oil or acrylic, not just Apple device. Zooming in and out, working on each tiny detail Yamaoka even made… Read more »

Outstanding Street Art on Railings by Zebrating

Zebrating, a street art duo from Mannheim, Germany, creates an interesting perspective on the urban murals. Their style is about  face expressions graffiti which can be noticed only from a specific angle. The idea of the projects is clearly reflected in their name – Zebrating could be translated as putting Zebra’s pattern. Railings act perfect for this purpose. City dwellers are faced with a challenge to their daily routine – open your eyes, pay more attention to the life around you and you will see beauty everywhere, sometimes even in very unexpected places.

NYC Basic Tips and Etiquettes by Nathan Pyle

Living in New York and dealing with the City for 5 years artist Nathan Pyle is sharing his wisdom with newcomers through gif images smart advice . Appearing on reddit first, Pyle gained huge recognition and praising online to the extend that his book NYC Basic Tips and Etiquettes is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2014. This last serious of his tips are “pages that (probably) didn’t make it in the book.” You can only imagine how good is the book gonna be!

Timelapse of London to Brighton Train Journey: 1953, 1983, 2013

60 years ago in 1953 the BBC  took a non-stop video of a train journey from London to Brighton. Then after 30 years in 1983 they did the same trip. And as another 30 years passed BBC sent their correspondent Paul Clifton to repeat the exercise and observe the changes after more than half a century. Looks like time didn’t effect much on the London-Brighton train route, well, maybe except of the passengers outfits style.

Nismo Smartwatch Concept by Nissan

Earlier this week during the Frankfurt Motor Show, Nissan has unveiled Nismo Watch – the first smartwatch designed specially for drivers of Nismo tuned Nissan cars. The concept establishes communication between a driver and a car, providing the real-time information such as average speed, fuel consumption, heart rate, etc. Athletes of the racing cars will be able to use the watch to get performance stats while on track. “Wearable technology is fast becoming the next big thing and we want to take advantage of this innovative technology to make our Nismo brand more accessible. on track, Nissan uses the latest biometric training technologies to improve… Read more »

Ballpoint Barber – Reverse Haircut Timelapse

Inspired by old magnetic Wooly Willy toy, Peter Simon directed “Ballpoint Barber” – a playful stop-motion animation video of his friend Tom Offer-Westort “growing” his hair and beard via ballpoint pen. An extreme talent and 300 printed pages were put together to create the effect of a magic pen. Music by Paul Otteson. Enjoy!

Nike UK Headquarters by Rosie Lee

British agency Rosie Lee has recently redesigned Nike headquarters in central London, UK.  Three-floor head office consists of a designated color, hand-painted illustrations and text graphics referencing milestones from the brand’s history. “Nike wanted to utilize its rich brand and product heritage to bring to life the company’s London headquarters,” said Stephen Bates of Rosie Lee. To turn the concept into action Rosie Lee engaged a team of London’s leading illustrators, artists and interior decorators such as Chris Martin,  Rob Flowers and others. New look of the office brought to Nike lively and visually rich work space as well as excitement and appreciation among staff.

Realistic Mixed Media Paintings by Karla Mialynne

Ever wondered how to draw or how the artists rich the amazing result? For me the process of creating the art seems like magic specially after seeing revealed tools Karla Mialynne uses in her work. Her impressing paintings are mostly created with watercolor pencils, colored markers and acrylic paint. Simple instruments yet astonishing result, thumbs up, Karla!

Aerial and Fashion Photography by Joseph Ford

English photographer Joseph Ford in collaboration with  Almut Vogel from Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin created incredible series of photos combining aerial photography and fashion. Composite images are created out of the aerial landscapes, taken in Morocco, Sicily, Sardinia and Mauritius continued with shots of clothes by Missoni, Boss, Kenzo, APC, Herno, Woolrich, Swatch and others. Blending textures and perspectives of two totally different entities Ford created his own unique presentation of aerial and fashion photography.

The Sweetest Proposal Ever

Paul Phillips recently arranged the cutest proposal to his girlfriend Erica.At first he wrote the story and with the help of Nashville artist Yoni Limor turned it into a book. Then he hid it in the local library and brought his girlfriend as if to drop a book really quick. While Erica red the story, the guy got on his knee and pooled a proposal. Who could say no to such a romantic move? Special moment was captured by the hidden photographer Laura Ingram. There once was a gorilla That fell for a giraffe. She surprised him by how much She could make him… Read more »

An Artist in Collaboration with her 4-year-old Daughter

One day Mica Angela Hendricks, illustrator and graphic designer, handled her new sketchbook with unfinished drawings to her 4-year-old daughter. The collaboration brought out something unexpected – the heads from old black and white movies drawn by Hendricks got new bodies by her daughter – they become beavers, dragons, bugs – girl’s imagination has no limits. Two contrasting styles emerged intoa unique one of kind drawing. And mother-daughter special idea quality time is just precious! Sometimes I would give her suggestions, like “maybe she could have a dragon body!” but usually she would ignore theses suggestions if it didn’t fit in… Read more »

20 Outstanding Houses with Face Features

Previously featured article 21 Epic Faces in Everyday Objects has inspired Urban Peek to compile this new collection. Here are 20 examples of houses with face features we liked the most. Shapes of their windows and doors create an amusing picture of various emotions – from shock to surprise, joy and happiness.  Enjoy!

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