Street Art - Painting the Rio Slums Bright

Street Art – Painting the Rio Slums Bright

Dutch artists Haas&Hahn (Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn) of the Favela painting project in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil established a  kickstarter campaign as they wish to fund the painting of one of the biggest slums in the city. They’ve been doing small painting projects in deprived areas of the city starting 2005 after the first visit to Brazilian favelas. But this time artists decided to go big and bring some colors to an every building on a hillside in Vila Cruzeiro, Brazil .

 “Our project aims to provide an opportunity for people to transform their own neighborhood from a place seen as negative into a place that is able to communicate its creativity, beauty and innovation to the outside world through art.” – the artists say.

Not only the overlook will change, the initiative gets employment opportunities to locals along with a life motive.
This project will only be funded if at least $100,000 is pledged by Thursday October 31. I hope the team will accomplish their plan, such a happy and colorful makeover will bring a significant difference to the neighborhood.

Enjoy the video!

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