Spectacular Landscapes of Earth from the European Space Agency

Spectacular Landscapes of Earth from the European Space Agency

European Space Agency has a fascinating archive of  images called Observing the Earth. Updated weekly it brings breathtaking shots of our planet‘s beauty taken by many different satellites from space. From a fast look the gallery gives a feeling of abstract paintings while actually spotlighting the incredible reality.

1. Namib Desert, October 5, 2013


2. Ganges’ dazzling delta, July 31, 2009


3. Scandinavian snows, February 1, 2013


4. Mississippi River Delta, May 25, 2012


5. Peruvian landscape, July 4, 2013


6. Swirling cloud art in the Atlantic Ocean, June 11, 2010


7. Agricultural crops in Aragon and Catalonia, November 26, 2010


8. Rainforest river, Brazil, compilation of images captured on January 2, February 1 and March 3, 2012


9. Libya’s Al Jawf oasis, January 24, 2011


10. Kangerdlugssuaq glacier, Greenland, September 19, 2012

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[Source: Colossal; My Modern Met]

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