Bear Portraits by Jill Greensberg

Bear Portraits by Jill Greensberg

Photograph Jill Greensberg is known for her ability to bring human qualities into animal photography. Her “Bear Portraits” project carries all the spectrum of emotions and personalities along with the depths of characters captured in different members of the Ursidae family.

 “I wanted to create images of these majestic beasts unlike anything we had seen before. I set up a studio outside to show the intensity and allow an intimate view of these powerful beasts.” – Greensberg says.

The Ursine series was exhibited in different galleries and collected by various museums around the world, some pieces were bought by celebrities ( Tom Ford, Ashton Kutcher, and Daniel Craig). Eventually the project has evolved into books under titles “Bear Portraits” and “Ursine”.

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[Source: ClampArt]

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