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Dad Coloring His Kids Drawings

Reddit user Tatsputin recently posted a sweet collaboration with his kids. Every month he takes a 3-hour flight for work, so his son and daughter give him their drawings to color in on board. Every time the come back home is even more exciting for both sides as children can’t wait to see their art retouched. Great idea of getting closer with your little ones and having some common fun. Mica Angela Hendricks posted on Urban Peek before here and Wendy Tsao here, have similar parenting aproach as well.

2D or Not 2D Face Painting Project by Alexander Khokhlov

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan, whose collaboration was previously featured on Urban Peek here and here, came up with the new project called 2D or not 2D. Inspired by two-dimensional posters this time the team was increased with Veronica Ershova who had leaded the process of retouching and post-production. The main idea of the project was to transform models faces into 2D images. Using different techniques of face painting Kutsan presented wide diversity of styles – from sketch and graphic arts to water-colour and oil-paintings. Enjoy perfect result of great combination of photography, increadible make-up and carefull retouching.

Amazing Mosaics with 10,000 Play-Doh Dots

Mother of three and artist Lacy Knudson recently figured out her new inspiration and media – Play-Doh. “One day, while the kids and I played with Play-Doh at the kitchen table I mixed some colors together and punched out my very first “dot”.  It dawned on me that this could be a way to make real art and be with my children at the same time.  I called it Dozayix: Play Doh + Mosaics + Fun = Dozayix” – says Knudson. In her first artwork, while pariently placing one dot after another, Lacy used about 23 lbs of play-doh and around 10,000 dots of 0,5 inch each. She completed two more… Read more »

Date Stamp Paintings by Federico Pietrella

Italian artist Federico Pietrella gave a different, contemporary meaning to a classic stamp. He recreates photographs of simple objects with it. Each artwork takes about 1-2 months till it’s totally complete, which is documented by the date of stamping. The artist picked this style 15 years ago and totally satisfied with it, as he sells each0f his artpiece for around 20,000 euros. 

East Meets West: Germany vs. China Infographic

Born in China and currently living in Germany artist Yang Liu illustrated a series of stereotypes under the title “Ost trifft West,” or “East Meets West”. “The fact is that each single illustration is my very personal experience in the past 13-17 years, and this work was made as a documentation of my own life. I am feeling myself more as a person, who belongs to all the places I have been”,- says Liu. Liu’s minimalistic infographic reflects elements of cultural differences between China and Germany in a very humorous and entertaining way. Posters were also publishes as a book.

Hammer and Nails Portraits by David Foster

Originally an architect David Foster developed his love of technical drawings into using just ink pen for his creations and then switched to hammer and nails. “I have always been fascinated with how little information the brain needs to interpret a picture and love the simplicity of a picture made up from just dots.” – says Foster. Foster’s smaller drawings count around 5,000 nails when bigger ones can reach up to 30,000. Each art piece is originally based on a photograph reproduced with ink dots first and then enlarged so the artist can use it as a guide. 

Insects Made of Junk by Edouard Martinet

French artist Edouard Martinet creates increadible insect sculptures out of found objects such as car, bicycle parts, clocks, old spoons and so on. Hard to believe that these tender detailed creatures used to be dwellers on the junk yard. Martinet does not solder or weld parts, he screws the sculptures together. Each piece takes him around one month and the artist usually works on few at the same time. If interested in this breathtaking masterpieces, Martinet has a new exhibition at Sladmore Contemporary in London, UK November 27 through January 31, 2014. Pay a visit if passing nearby.

Boy and His Puppy’s Adorable Naptime Story

Once Jessica Shyba (mommasgonecity on Instagram) adopted a boxer/shepherd/lab mix Theo from the Santa Cruz SPCA, she found him very attached to her family members and especially to her youngest 23-month-old son Beau. Right after few days of getting used to the new house, tiny 7-weeks-old puppy joined Beau’s naptime and kept it as a new habbit afterwards. “The following day, Theo met us up in my room for the nap time ritual, and so began what I can only describe as the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed.” – Shyba shares the story of the new common nap time… Read more »

Real Goldfish or Painting?

This unbelievably realistic goldfish is actually not real, it was made by Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori. Yes, you got it right, it’s not alive fish, it was created in real Japanese houshold objects. Fukahori was patiently pouring a layer of resin, letting it dry, then painting a little piece with acrylic paint, then pouring another layer, painting more and so on until a perfect 3D goldfish appears. “I didn’t invent resin and not the first to use resin. I am not a resin artist. I am a goldfish artist. I think it’s obvious which pieces are Riusuke Fukahori pieces because the imitators… Read more »

Nails and Thread – Portraits by Kumi Yamashita

Kumi Yamashita, previously featured on Urban Peek with her amazing shadow portraits, has new mind-blowing art done with one unbroken thread wrapped through thousands of nails. This series of portraits is called Constellation, each piece took the artist few month until completely finished. 1. Mana, 2011 – 40h x 30w cm Recently this portrait was chosen as one of 50 finalists from over 3,000 participants for the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition by Smithsonian Museum’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. The artwork is displayed in National Portrait Gallery until February 23, 2014.

Swing at the End of the World

Swing at the End of the World is an attraction for some bravehearts situated at the edge of Baños, Ecuador. It’s a simple swing which hangs over the edge of the cliff of a seismic monitoring station called “La Casa del Árbol” (“The Treehouse”). No safety measures or any kind of protection present. Old-school swing and the beauty of the canyon, that’s simply it. Adrenalin rush garanteed.

Hop on the Starbucks Train!

Great news for Starbucks lovers! Just few days ago Starbucks Coffee Company and SBB unveiled the first Starbucks store on a train. New coffeeshop design was focused on the travellers comfort through their trip providing Starbucks style of service, beverages and treats. The train has two levels accomodating 50 passengers. Warm welcoming interior colors and tints were inspired by coffee pallette. “It was an incredible and rewarding challenge to design our first ever Starbucks store on a train. We had to combine functionality and beautiful design, whilst taking into account a variety of factors such as constant movement of the train,… Read more »

The Kelpies Giant Horse Heads – New Scottish Landmark

The Kelpies are two giant horse head sculptures standing next to the Forth and Clyde Canal in Falkirk, Scotland. Designed by Andy Scott, each installation is 30 meters high (99 feet) made from structural steel with a stainless steel cladding. It took around 7 years of development and now they are finally completed. The public opening is scheduled by April 2014. The Kelpies were inspired by mythological beasts with power of 10 horses and horses as a part of Scottish historical heritage. “The original concept of mythical water horses was a valid starting point for the artistic development of the structures. I took that concept and moved with… Read more »

Amazing Pencil Illustrations by Adonna Khare

Adonna Khare, the illustrator based in California, USA, was interested in drawing since she was three. Her amazingly detailed large-scale on paper works are created only with a pencil, an eraser and a sock. At first the art pieces seem overloaded with animals but after a closer look the perfect interaction between all the participants of the murals becomes obvious. “The drawings are not pre-planned rather they evolve through my experiences with people and the absurdities of life. The result is a group of drawings where the animals coexist in a world beyond ours, and are inexplicably tied together, often not by choice…. Read more »

Bizarre Photo-Manipulations by Caras Ionut

Romanian artist Caras Ionut, creates surreal world blending everyday reality with dreams. Compositions, full of dull lights and tones, brings a viewer into his strange imagination, which easily could be illustrations to a story book. Ionut about his work: “Most people when considering dreams would think of good positive dreams, and I like to think I capture that in my work. I also seem to visit the darker side of what people may see in dreams, not necessarily what one would see as negative, but possibly a dream that one could not quite understand or [from which one] may feel alone”…. Read more »

Edible Sculptures from Colorful Food by Dan Cretu

Dan Cretu, photographer from Romania, specializes on creating avarage objects like radio, bicycle, camera and so on using fruits, vegetables and other eatable stuff. His way of playing with food brings out very unexpected and complicated art sculptures.  “All objects and things around us daily are possible subjects for me. The challenge is to transform a common object that we don’t notice anymore into something unusual, alive, and appealing.” – says Dan.

Self-Driving Pods to be Installed Near London

Not only the cars are about to start flying, the public transit is about to become fully automated sooner than we can expect. Milton Keynes, a small city north of London is about to install 100 pods that will connect downtown, train station, and different offices. Project’s estimated cost is  £65million/$104 million.  It will get started in 2015 and is expected to be totally completed by 2017. ULTra Personal Electric Transportation Pods move along at 12 mph, capable to carry up to 4 passengers along with personal luggage.  Anyone can call the pod to theirs location via a smartphone app just for £2 ($3,19) fee. Same… Read more »

Special Spoons by Ineke Hans

“Special Spoons” by Ineke Hans, specially designed for Royal VKB, is a great addition to regular kitchen cutlery. The set consists of five perfect items which can be used for average refrigerated jar goodies like chili sauce, olives, paté, jam and includes a fork for pickles. Tapas hangouts will appreciate this useful accessory as well. They come in four colors – red, yellow, purple and black. Break them out of their frame, rest them on the container side over the little step at the back of the handle. Simple design yet very functional “Special Spoons” set brings your jars over the… Read more »

When Your Inner Child is Still Alive

One of my personal favorite instagrammers – Kerstin Hiestermann (aka khiesti) from Germany – has an amazing vision on things around her. Any tiny object, petal, leaf etc. can easily make it to her minimalistic pictures of the little monster’s life. Sometimes even words inspire Kerstin. Hiestermann doesn’t obtain a degree in art, she is a teacher, though very talented in her drawings. Her creations always grab attention and make me smile while scrolling the Instagram feeds, totally proving that “the child inside her is still alive”. Very recommended to follow.

Hovenring – an Innovative Circular Cycle Bridge

Dutch city of Eindhoven has Hovenring – an amazing circular cycle bridge for cyclists and pedestrians. Eindhoven City Council asked Dutch bridge specialist ipv Delft  to develop an alternative route for crossover due to the growing traffic. Soon cable-stayed bridge appeared above the Heerbaan/Meerenakkerweg intersection as the entrance way to the cities of Eindhoven and Veldhoven, Netherlands. The new city landmark has an impressive 72 meters (230 feet) high pylon with 24 steel cables attached to it, thin deck and conspicuous lighting. A real excitement while passing by as well as a great example of the innovative road design development.

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