East Meets West: Germany vs. China Infographic

East Meets West: Germany vs. China Infographic

Born in China and currently living in Germany artist Yang Liu illustrated a series of stereotypes under the title “Ost trifft West,” or “East Meets West”.

“The fact is that each single illustration is my very personal experience in the past 13-17 years, and this work was made as a documentation of my own life. I am feeling myself more as a person, who belongs to all the places I have been”,- says Liu.

Liu’s minimalistic infographic reflects elements of cultural differences between China and Germany in a very humorous and entertaining way. Posters were also publishes as a book.

The boss


What’s trending


Children in the family




Expressing opinion


Lifestyle: independent vs. dependent


Attitude towards punctuality


Contacts and connections


Expressing feelings


Standing in a line


Self perception


Sundays on the streets


At a party


Noise level at the restaurant


Cure for stomach ache




Dealing with problems


Three meals a day


Means of transportation


Everyday life of elderly


Shower time


Mood and weather


Cultural perceptions: Germans vs. Chinese

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