Grotesque Street Art by Roa

Grotesque Street Art by Roa

Belgian street artist Roa is trying to drag attention of the world to how many species become victims of hunting and polution nowadays. This year he traveled around the globe leaving his monocromatic depictions of animals all around Austria, Canada, Great Britain, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the US. All the murals are spray-painted. Roa’s street art might look disgusting, weird and grotesque, but after all it’s true – we try to ignore our furry neighbours while they have to deal with us and our dominance.

Lagos, Portugal 2013


“Two Blue Tits” in Chichester, Great Britain 2013


“Catch of The Day” Open Art. Örebro, Sweden 2013


Wall Therapy. Rochester, NY 2013


Wall Therapy. Rochester, NY 2013


Detail. Vienna, Austria 2013


Malaga, Spain


Malaga, Spain


Nuart 2013. Stavanger, Norway


Mural Festival. “Still Life With Bison and Bear” Montreal, Canada 2013


Urban Forms Festival. Lodz, Poland. 2013


“Fighting Squirrels”, Southbank, London 2013


Chichester, Great Britain 2013


Vienna, Austria 2013

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[Source: Brooklyn Street Art]

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