Mark Khaisman's Tape Art

Mark Khaisman’s Tape Art

Mark Khaisman is an artist who was born  in 1958 in Kyiv, Ukraine, studied Art and Architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute in Russia and now living in Philadelphia, USA. His medium consists of three elements: translucent packing tape, clear acrylic or film panels, and light. Banality of the tape in Khaisman’s hands transforms into incredible illusions formed by light and shadow.

“The tape is the message. A parody on Marshall McLuhan’s famous quote could explain the superficial motives, which make up the work. Subjects are categorized into different groups: fragmented stills from classic cinema, iconic objects from art history, portraits. The works are exploring the familiar as our shared visual history; made of a familiar material formed into a familiar image, asking the viewer to recognize and complete the work, stimulating both memory and interpretation in the process.” – Khaisman explains the subject of his art.

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[Source: Twisted Sifter]

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