Stunning Macro Portraits of Bees

Stunning Macro Portraits of Bees

Did you know that bees are not always black and yellow? There are actually so many shapes, sizes and colors around  us, which we don’t pay attantion to, as most of them don’t sting.

Sam Droege, the head of the USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program in Maryland, USA, and other researchers spent almost 10 years capturing high quality macro photographs of North America’s 4,000 different bee species.

“When we started looking at these pictures, I just wanted to gaze at these shots for long periods of time. I had seen these insects for many years, but the level of detail was incredible. The fact that everything was focused, the beauty and the arrangement of the insects themselves — the ratios of the eyes, the golden means, the french curves of the body, and the colors that would slide very naturally from one shade to another were just beautiful! It was the kind of thing that we could not achieve at the highest level of art.” - says Droege.

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