This is What Niagara Falls Look Like Frozen

This is What Niagara Falls Look Like Frozen

We’ve all seen it on the news, some us lived its bitterness, but just in case you haven’t heard about it – The most part of the US and southern Canada suffered from an unprecedented freeze, a polar vortex, an arctic blast, that took temperatures down to new record lows for these areas, impacting some 240 million people. With wind chill factored in, cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, and Toronto saw temperatures as low as -50 C (-58 F). Photos of these frozen cities have went viral online over the past few days, displaying what looked like a modern-day ice age.

One of the recently frozen locations grabbed the attention of millions as it turned into a winter wonderland, Niagara Falls. The freezing arctic air turned the cascading water to ice, it literally stopped Niagara Falls in its tracks. After temperatures plunged to a sub-arctic -52C in parts of the US, the tourist attraction on the US-Canada border gave those brave enough to venture out a sight they will never forget.

These images – taken by Reuters photographer Aaron Harris yesterday – are mostly taken from the Canadian side and show the American falls, which have a drop of 170ft on to huge rocks below.

Twenty million people a year visit the three falls – the American Falls and Bridal Veil on the US side and Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side – which on a normal day boast a volume of more than 500,000 liters (132086 gallons) of water a second, the highest water flow rate in the world.

[Photographs: Reuters, Via: DailyMail]

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