Impressive Leather Art by Mark Evans

Impressive Leather Art by Mark Evans

Mark Evans has an amazing talent in “micro-sculpting” leather. Growing up on a farm in Welsh mountains he was given his first carving knife at the age of seven. Later on after graduating from fine arts in London, Mark was exploring different styles and one time a chance helped him to decide. Cleaning a blood stain from his new leather jacket and getting it scratched instead made Evans notice the beauty of his mistake and an open space for creativity as well.

“It’s micro sculpture within a tenth of a millimeter, and I’m an obsessive perfectionist about it. Full blown OCD. I have spent hundreds of thousands of hours slicing, etching, making tiny meticulous marks with scalpels.

So many times I just sliced right through the leather, ruining it, destroying the hide and the art… and my fingers! I’ve cut my fingers and hit bone more times than I care to remember. it’s painful & dangerous. and it’s nothing like painting where the artist can just paint over any mistakes. I have nowhere to hide mistakes, zero margin for error. but I love that, the risk of it, knowing the pressure’s on all the time. in my work there’s no ‘apple Z’ . what is done cannot be undone.” – Evans says.

This video will show more details on the last image making process.

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