Outstanding Details of Melted Porcelain Sculptures

Outstanding Details of Melted Porcelain Sculptures

Nomad Patterns is a series of sculptures by London-based artist from Chile Livia MarinHer outstanding work discovers other quality of porcelain nature. Marin melts different kitchen ware – kettles, cups, plates, so on – and keeps the traditional Chinese paintings of pagodas, willows and birds  perfectly floating in the porcelain puddles.

“By appropriating mass-market objects I seek to offer through the work a reflection on how we particularize our relation to them. I reflect on how, in a secular and materialist society, identities are increasingly designated through the material tokens derived from consumerism. Central to the intervention deployed in my work is the trope of estrangement that works to reverse an excess of familiarity engendered in the life of the everyday and the dictates of the marketplace. ” – says the artist.

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