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Whimsical Furniture by Lila Jang

Lila Jang is a young sculptor, originally from Seoul, South Korea, now living in Paris, France. Inspired by the small size of her apartment, she creates 18th century furniture with some playful adjustments. Jang’s tables, chairs and desks look fun and alive. Even though their functional side is weak, furniture look like it came out of a whimsical fantasy. “My work represents who and where we are as human beings: in the midpoint of that constant struggle between reality and the ideal.” – says Jang.

Starbucks’ New Store Designed Like An Old-Fashioned Apothecary

Starbucks opened a new store in New Orleans, USA. New location on Canal Street was inspired by city’s history and was designed to imagine how would the place look like as if it belonged to a Louisianan merchant in the early 1900s resembling the old apothecary store. The front room is a room where the merchant would have worked, and the back one – his living space – has more relaxed atmosphere. Lots of interior pieces were made by local artists. The new coffeeshop is an example of Starbucks approach of honoring the neighborhood’s culture through the store’s design.

Hop on the Starbucks Train!

Great news for Starbucks lovers! Just few days ago Starbucks Coffee Company and SBB unveiled the first Starbucks store on a train. New coffeeshop design was focused on the travellers comfort through their trip providing Starbucks style of service, beverages and treats. The train has two levels accomodating 50 passengers. Warm welcoming interior colors and tints were inspired by coffee pallette. “It was an incredible and rewarding challenge to design our first ever Starbucks store on a train. We had to combine functionality and beautiful design, whilst taking into account a variety of factors such as constant movement of the train,… Read more »

Bizarre Indoor Camping at the Basecamp Bonn Young Hostel

Basecamp Bonn Young Hostel was opened by hotelier  Michael Schloesser in a former warehouse in Bonn, Germany. The indoor campsite occupies 1600 square meters and consists of 15 vintage camping caravans, two night sleepers, and two Airstreams. Each RV was playfully renovated and has its own theme. Due to size and sleeping capacity prices varies from $32 to $101 per night, according to Yahoo. The hostel was opened just a month ago in August but already got some great reviews online. Looks like Bonn got itself a new touristic attraction!

Nike UK Headquarters by Rosie Lee

British agency Rosie Lee has recently redesigned Nike headquarters in central London, UK.  Three-floor head office consists of a designated color, hand-painted illustrations and text graphics referencing milestones from the brand’s history. “Nike wanted to utilize its rich brand and product heritage to bring to life the company’s London headquarters,” said Stephen Bates of Rosie Lee. To turn the concept into action Rosie Lee engaged a team of London’s leading illustrators, artists and interior decorators such as Chris Martin,  Rob Flowers and others. New look of the office brought to Nike lively and visually rich work space as well as excitement and appreciation among staff.

Coloring Your Home – Tips from Professionals

Interior design is a subtle art, and one often underappreciated by the mainstream. Color alone can represent a great stepping stone on any project, as warring faction’s battle over what they want each space to say – as well as how to say it. Luckily for us, Design55 have come up with the simple infographic below to explain how it’s done; and they’ve done so with style.   From advice on how to best match colors for a trophy room, to an analysis of which tones best represent stability, confidence, maturity and others, this infographic crams more information into a single page than most… Read more »

The World’s Most Expensive One-Bedroom Apartment!

When you hear 1-bedroom apartment, you mostly relate it to being economic, on a tight budget, or single. Well, this is not the case here. This elite crib – the House – is a 411.932 sq m (4,434 square foot) 1-Bedroom apartment, listed at a whopping 1.8 billion yen ($21.8 million USD) in the exclusive and most expensive neighborhood Minami-Azabu of Tokyo, Japan. Priced at an unbelievable $4,920.75 per square foot, the apartment is considered the world most expensive, and here’s why: Almost all furniture in the home is custom designed by Cecotti Collezioni Many of the walls, flooring and doors are Italian imported stone and wood… Read more »

Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl by Franzun AG

The Romantik Muottas Muragl, a sustainable, contemporary hotel set in the Swiss Alps , has undergone a complete renovation in 2012 by Franzun AG. Visitors can look forward to unforgettable views and a luxurious, yet environmentally conscious mountain retreat. Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl by Franzun AG: “During summer 2010, the entire Berghotel Muottas Muragl was completely renovated. Particular focus was placed on the aspect of environmental-friendliness, giving rise to the first plus-energy hotel in the Alps. Besides constructing the building according to the principles and requirements of the Swiss “Minergie” ecological label, this project went one step further. Although the surface area of the… Read more »

Scrap Marble Tables by John Reeves

 John Reeves, a British designer that has created a collection of stylish tables with legs made from scrap pieces of marble. By adopting an idea of re- using leftovers of marble and granite to beautifully create furniture pieces out of them. These tables’ legs are no more than a steel bar and a bunch of scraps of stones drilled at their centers and piled up and glued together like a shish-kebab. The leg is then shaped and polished to its final limber finish. The result is no less than stunning, with a mix of classic and contemporary. Description from John Reeves… Read more »

Montrose House by SAOTA

A Stunning hill-side dream home designed by Cape Town-based studio SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects named the Montrose house, it was completed in 2010. This contemporary home is located in Cape Town, South Africa. Here are some images and description from the designers:  “High on the ridge of Bishopscourt in Cape Town, this unique site resulted from the demolition of an existing house. The site was divided by the existing driveway, which rose steeply from the end of the cul-de-sac below. The new building’s form, perched as it is in a commanding position, was perceived from the outset to be a pavilion… Read more »

Bourgogne Barn House Transformation by Joséphine Gintzburger

In the region of Bourgogne (Burgundy) in central France, designer Joséphine Gintzburger has undertaken a mission to transform a countryside barn into a present-day modern crib. Her concept was to deliver a Mediterranean interior with an industrial rustic feel to it. By blending elements like concrete, aged oak beams, chandeliers, modern art, having exposed ceilings and newly created mezzanine levels to house the private areas of the residence, the end result  turned out to be magnificent and heartwarming. Here are some images of the results from the designer

Global City by Deck Two

Deck Two recently accomplished an amazing art project in one of the rehabilitated warehouses in New York. The project, named “Global City”, was made for a shipping company looking for some creative artwork to cover up and decorate a huge blank wall area at their office space’s kitchen. The Drawings are all done using a black pencil marker in an anamorphic technique, which requires the viewer to stand at a specific point to get the overall perspectives. Global City blows your mind away with its simplicity of implementation that produced an extremely detailed and creative product. The cartoon-like canvas illustrates a… Read more »

The Luxury “Ciel de Paris” Restaurant by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance

French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has designed the interior of the Ciel de Paris (Sky of Paris) restaurant, located in the center of the city on the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower, the highest building in Paris, overlooking the Eiffel tower and spanning over an area of 400 square meters. Warm lighting glows out from behind the circular mirrors covering the ceiling, as well as around the edges of the room and from beneath the curved central bar. Chairs designs by feature smooth grey resin and fibreglass shells with orange leather linings. Description from the designer’s website: Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has designed a soft and profound… Read more »

REBIRTH – A Contemporary Table from Portugal by Meik Studio

A interesting and fresh design of a multifunction table named REBIRTH. Designed by Meik Studio of Portugal, the table adapts to the space it’s placed within, and can easily function as a central and support table, or a bedside night stand. Its manufactured out of ebony wood and stands on organic-shaped aluminum supports. Here’s the designer’s description: Inspired by the desire of changing the human being, the changes that we submit, in happiness and sadness of these changes comes the new exclusive piece of meikstudio, a table inspired by the act of rebirth, the simplicity of the act of wanting to be different. Here’s what inspired us to create the REBIRTH table, a table that becomes what you want, a support table, a bedside table, a table with various functionalities, capable of adapting itself to reinterpret the space where it is . The grace with which… Read more »

ABC Museum dedicated to drawing and illustration in Madrid, Spain

The new ABC Museum, designed by architects Aranguren + Gallegos, aims at becoming an international artistic benchmark as well as a symbol of the cultural offer of Madrid, Spain. It is entirely dedicated to the world of drawing and illustration and has few rivals in Europe capable of standing comparison with the liveliness of the initiatives and with charm of its location. It has been created inside an old factory in Calle de Amaniel, not far from the gardens of Plaza de España in the centre of Madrid. The work had to satisfy many of the project challenges typical of historical contexts without forgetting… Read more »

Color Psychology for Interior Spaces [infographic]

An interesting infographic developed by NowSourcing.com for CertaPro Painters of Louisville, shows how the colors of an interior space can have a direct impact on triggering specific emotions and evoking senses. The Psychology of Color explores what colors should and should not be used in interior decorating, and why certain colors are used in advertising. According to the infographic, offices should be painted blue, as it is the “most productive color”. Living rooms should be painted lavender, to calm the nerves and offer relaxation. Kitchens should be painted yellow, as it increases metabolism, and gives you energy. Also red: “evokes strong emotion, encourages appetite, passion… Read more »

“W” Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand by MAPS Design

In a location as naturally perfect as Koh Samui, Thailand, a small seaside getaway that speeds far past perfection is born, “W” Retreat Koh Samui, designed by Maps Design. Infinity pools show barely a seam when guests look out to the shimmering turquoise Gulf of Thailand, and the hotel’s 75 villas burst with contrasting colors, shapes, and textures. W Retreat Koh Samui brings their signature beds to the party, ensuring the perfect night’s sleep after the perfect day at the beach. Designer’s description: W Retreat and Residences Koh Samui is the first W Retreat in Southeast Asia. An all-villa beachfront resort,… Read more »

El Ateneo – from Opera House to Bookstore in Buenos Aires, Argentina

This bookstore has been in business for quite some time, nevertheless it still deserves to be honored. The story of the place started in May 1919 in Buenos Aires, Argentina; it opened as a theater named Teatro Gran Splendid. The building, designed by Pero and Torres Armengol, had a capacity of 1,050 sits and covered plenty of various performances. Later on in late the twenties it was converted into a cinema and in 1929 it premiered the first film with voice presented in Argentina. In 2000, the opera premises were leased by El Ateneo and Yenni booksellers – Grupo Ilhsa. This decision brought a big makeover… Read more »

Under the Moonlight House by Giovanni D’Ambrosio

Under the Moonlight contemporary house, designed by Giovanni D’Ambrosio, is located in Mount Hotham, Victoria, Australia. Interestingly enough the shape of the home is quite modern, yet there are obvious historical influences that are incorporated into the design very successfully. The house’s materials tend to blend with the surrounding environment, protecting the local vegetation and trees from any distorting objects. The roof is made out of insulated metal and accomplishes functionality at any climate. Its brownish color matches well the chromatic shades of the surrounding nature. The house’s shape resembles archetypes used by country-men and cowboys that lived in the area. Stone, wood and metal are… Read more »

Hill House by Andrew Maynard Architects at Melbourne

The Hill House in Melbourne, Australia is an explicit example of the multiple sides of a design job. An unexpected make over idea changed the whole image of the regular town house. Owners of the dwell, a family of five including three young kids, requested the modern upgrade to their home with a condition of enjoying the healthy side of the sun; they asked for a sunny zone and a yard mostly acting as a shadowy shelter. Designers at Andrew Maynard Architects came up with a solution to build a new structure on the rear boundary, the southern edge of the block, upon the footprint of… Read more »

Wood Casting Furniture by Hilla Shamia

Product designer Hilla Shamia created a new kind of furniture that blends an industrial vibe with a homey cottage feel, each piece is made of Aluminum casted molten around dry lilac wood logs bonding them into a single organic element with a heart warming appeal. Wood Casting is on show during the Milan design week 2012. The designer describes that: “The negative factor of burnt wood is transformed into aesthetic and emotional value. Preservation of the natural form of the tree trunk within the explicit boundaries. The general,squared form intensifies the artificial feeling, and in the same time keeps the memory of the material”.

Wanderlust Hotel in Little India, Singapore

The artistic Wanderlust hotel in Little India neighborhood, Singapore  has been created, to communicate with curious voyagers up for a boutique-like adventure. The hotel is the newest development of owner Loh Lik Peng, who gave four different award winning Singapore design firms each a floor to create their own interpretation of contemporary style and comfort. The building was originally an old school built it 1920s. The hotel houses 29 guest rooms with different design themes ranging from neon-glowing rooms to origami stencils, it also features a wide-open bar and lounge with as much wonder as the rooms themselves. The word ‘Wanderlust’ stands for a strong desire or… Read more »

Hamilton Grange Teen Center in New York by Rice+Lipka architects

What image do you get with the word “library”? Lots of dusty books, silence signs and the book worm spirit! A simple yet outstanding choice of the New York’s Public Library, created a big upgrade to the guttered third floor of their Harlem’s landmark branch. Moreover the Hamilton Grange teen center appeared to be the first of its kind in Northern Manhattan, NY.

Meet The Most Expensive Hotel Room in History

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, UAE The Burj Al-Arab hotel, stands off the coast of Dubai on a man-made island specially for it, it is the world’s most luxurious hotel, ranking itself as the only 7-star hotel worldwide. And it makes total common sense that the most expensive hotel room in the world would be in it. The Royal Suite at the Burj Al-Arab hotel is an outstanding 780 sq. meters villa. It sports 2 master bedrooms a reception salon, dinning room, a private cinema and spa, it even has its own internal elevator between different levels of the suite…. Read more »

Tanzanian Singita Grumeti Reserves Named The Best Hotel In The World

Tanzania’s Singita Grumeti Reserves Faru Faru lodge, named the best hotel in the world in 2011 by Travel + Leisure magazine’s 16th annual World’s Best Awards, it received a score of 98.44 out of 100 on a list based on reader surveys and feedback.  Located at Serengeti National Park, the hotel is made up of two lodges and a tent camp, offers unparalleled luxury in the thick of the wild. The reserve’s flagship is Sasakwa, an East African ranch house set on a plateau with panoramic views of the plains. The lodge’s wood-paneled libraries have an English country club feel, and there are seven cottage residences, each with… Read more »

Geometric Rooms Installations by Esther Stocker

Esther Stocker, Italian installation artist born in Silandro, Italy, has created a number of minimal geometrical rooms with abstract ambiguities.

Saatchi & Saatchi’s Office Makeover in Bangkok, Thailand

A playful spontaneous atmosphere, that some would refer to as anything else but a work place, was exactly the approach taken by the Saachi & Saachi’s creative director.

Astonishing Refurbishment of Casa Up in Madesimo, Italy by Es Arch

Architects at Es Arch – Enrico Scaramellini Architetto refurbished an old existing barn In the village of Isola, Madesimo, Italy, into a contemporary duplex named Casa Up.

Mediterranean House in Tinos Island, Greece by Zege Architects

This amazing traditional Greek house has been online for a while now, nevertheless it is worthy of shinning a spot light upon it. Located on the heavenly island of Tinos in Cyclades, Greece, it is the vacation home of its brilliant interior designer, Marilyn Katsaris. Architecturally designed by Greek Zege architects which represents all that Tinos stands for. Respecting its architectural surroundings and capturing the day to day beauty and simplicity The soft edges and brilliant natural tones create a sense of serenity as you pass easily from one area of this white home to the next. Minimalistic niches are built into the wall to… Read more »

An All-White Loft Apartment in Moldova by Grosu Art Studio

Moldova, a wonderful place to live, mainly because of its long mild-and-sunny climate. Typically, the region will have a continental type of climate throughout the year. Long warm summers and mild dry winters are a landmark of this small landlocked nation.  Grosu Art Studio, based in Chisinau – the capital city of Moldova – has designed the ‘All-White Loft Apartment’, located also in Chisinau. The interior of the apartment imparts aesthetics as well as a contemporary outlook altogether. Right from the entrance, you would be invited by a sequence of bright colored paintings, and this seems to be most distinguishable trait of… Read more »

Rising Table Concept by Amsterdam Designer Robert van Embricqs

Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs has created the Rising Table. The design is based on a rather simple idea of starting with a flat surface that is capable of poetically transforming into a stylish piece of  furniture.

Unique Carpentry at The Starbucks Shop in Dazaifu, Japan

Almost everyone nowadays is familiar with Starbucks, and their standard interior design template all over the world. This specific Starbucks shop in Dazaifu, Japan is quite different, it features a gorgeous custom-made carpentry design. Architects at Kengo Kuma and Associates set out to form a unique looking cafe for the well-known brand, while maintaining its identity and complementing its surroundings. The architects sought to combine traditional and contemporary motifs to refrain from disturbing the aesthetic flow of the environment such as this shrine that receives about 2 million visitors a year . As such, the shop provides a very natural setting. Over 2000 wooden batons line the interior… Read more »

Unilever Office in Switzerland by Camenzind Evolution

In 2011 Camenzind Evolution, Zurich-based architecture studio created one of the most inspiring interiors for an office space, the headquarters of Unilever. The project is situated in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and covers the surface area of 2,300 m2 of usable offices. 

Mid Ages Yellow Brick House Wrapped in Glass at Vilnius, Lithuania

The Yellow Brick residence in Pavilniai Regional Park, near the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, has a confident combination of history and modernism, designed by the architectural firm G. Natkevicius & Partners for an upscale family. Located by in the valley of river Vilnia that gave the city its name, the park and the city have a rich history with the oldest written records dating back to 1323. In the Middle Ages the area, where the building is situated, was a cannon foundry. The new house owners bought the site where an old yellow brick lodge with a basement stood. By cleaning the plaster… Read more »

Stunning Entertainment Unit by EO-Designs [Time Lapse Assembly Video]

A contemporary design that encompasses a youthful spirit and modern technologies can show how shape, color, material and lighting create an amazing atmosphere. Our friends at EO Designs sent us this remarkable time lapse video of the assembly of an entertainment unit they created.

Casa Cubo (Club House) in Chihuahua, Mexico

This is a guest post by Patricia Perez of Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop. The concept of a courtyard as an element of spatial and emotional transition, is the premise of conceptual design, again taking four natural elements, water, fire, air and land. Architectural compositions start with these open spaces and harmonically merge the volumes of the project, organized, scaled and related to each other, in accordance with the architectural program.

Susie Hoffmann’s Funky Loft in Bozeman, Montana

Interior designer Susie Hoffmann of Envi Design, revived an old 1930s flour mill near downtown Bozeman, Montana into a beautiful loft. By intelligently transforming the modest 90 sq. meters (1,000 sq. feet) former office space, which occupies the building’s top floor, to seamlessly incorporate a kitchen, dining and living rooms, office and a guest corner into one space.

The Result of Thousands of Stickers Given to Thousands of Kids

The Obliteration Room This past December, the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art installed a surprisingly simple yet ridiculously amazing shell space, artist Yayoi Kusama constructed a large studio apartment like, and painted every single thing in brilliant white, from walls, chair and tables, to the piano, and other household decoration, effectively serving as a big un-rendered white canvas. The installation, named The Obliteration Room, is part of Kusama’s Look Now, See Forever exhibition that runs through March 12 2012. The mission was, over a period of two weeks, the museum’s youngest comers were given thousands of colored dot stickers and were invited on a spontaneous mission of transformation of the… Read more »

Library in Almere, Netherlands

The first idea you get in your mind when you hear the word “library” is a dusty boring place. The one in Almere, Netherlands definitely isn’t matching the stereotype; its bright design and creative presentation won’t let you stay indifferent. This unusual place was, designed by Dutch design company Concrete Architectural Associates, has an overall area of 11,000 m2 with 5000 linear meters of bookshelves built with 1 straight and 5 curved modules; with extended facilities,working places, seating areas, info terminal, counters, couch lounges with lighting. Designers aimed to avoid any average look of a library as the philosophy of the place is to treat customers… Read more »

Dancing Furniture by Judson Beaumont

When searching for the right furniture we always aim at finding something different and unique, especially if it is for a room of our precious ones. Any kid would love to have a room full of animated characters around him – wardrobes, shelves and tables can’t be the outcast. Judson Beaumont from Vancouver, Canada has been the furniture craftsman for the past 25 years and has developed a very outstanding style; his creations look like they just ran away from a Disney movie – there are pieces inspired by Mickey Mouse and his friends, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in… Read more »

The Hub – A Modern Student Center of Coventry University

Student’s centers are the comfortable spots at universities that combine studying with social life during your years of college. With some outstanding examples of universities that manage to create very stylish and welcoming meeting points, avoiding boring cliché of library-look design. Coventry University in UK is one of them – it’s new student center also known as “The Hub” attracts visitors with its modernism and simplicity,  well-chosen yellow, black and grey colors, practical and cozy nooks, and at the same time happy atmosphere. The center covers a surface area of 91,000 square feet with accommodation capacity of 1000 students at the… Read more »

Joy Cupcakes –  A Tasty Example of Successful Marketing

Marketing was always about serving the product right, making it fun, interesting and noticeable to the buyer. With great importance nowadays, as we live surrounded by tons of supplies, which are grabbing our attention to various showcases or online shopping pages. The question is which one will be the most unique to satisfy our demands; not only selling but also having a conversation with a customer through the little details. In this matter the style of the Joy cupcakes store/café in Melbourne, Australia, created by Australian firm Mims Design, was meant to be a total engagement between design of the place and its… Read more »

Atrium House by Mesh Architecture

An unnoticed, yet intriguing residence, Atrium House by MESH Architectures, located in Brooklyn, NY. A house with an unobtrusive front exterior leading you into a two-story space that is both modern and industrial. The house has an indoor/outdoor feel constructed with large floor-to-ceiling window panes and folding glass doors, giving an open feeling towards the central courtyard or the atrium of the house. By building the house around an atrium, it allows for much of the space to open up to the outdoors and allows for light to fill the home. The design of the house offers the tenants extreme privacy without the… Read more »

Ushanki Shelf-lamp from Ukrainian Design Studio decorkuznetsov

Old-stye soviet winter hat “shapka-ushanka” gave an inspiration and name to a new project by creative design agency – decorkuznetsov from Ukraine. Earflaps of the hat gave a shape to the modern “Ushanki” shelf-lamps; they come in different definition of shelf-dad, shelf-mom and shelf-son all in bulb shape and playful blue color. Each piece has a fluorescent lamp hidden inside, which transforms a regular idea of the shelf into the very comfortable yet stylish and functional night-stand. “Ushanki” is not the only outstanding project of the decorkuznetsov – it has been established in 1994 and became a winner of many exhibitions… Read more »

The WikiLeaks Den

The controversial WikiLeaks, an international non-profit organisation that publishes submissions of private, secret, and classified information from anonymous news sources,news leaks, and whistleblowers. It has received many praises as well as criticism to the info they unveil and its sources, and has won a number of publishing awards from the likes of the The Economist‘s New Media Award in 2008 at the Index on Censorship Awards and Amnesty International‘s UK Media Award in 2009. In 2010, the New York Daily News listed WikiLeaks first among websites “that could totally change the news”, and much more. Considering the character of the organisation, the location they work from is expected to reflect an image of their… Read more »

Laces – The New ADIDAS Office in Herzogenaurach, Germany

A brand new facility has joined the adidas campus family in Herzogenaurach, Germany – research and development building “adidas Laces”.  Designed by German firm kadawittfeldarchitektur, it represents the identity of the adidas culture and perfectly fitting into the brand’s philosophy of permanent development. The idea of the ring-shaped atrium and walkways connecting opposite office areas like laces tying the building together like the shoe brought the name to the project thus comfort to workers which are not crossing different departments any more. This modern example of urban architecture provides the team of 1700 employees with functional working conditions and new source… Read more »

Inside Pixar Animation Studios

PIXAR is one of the most present day successful animation studios and one of the most creative.  It was launched in 1979 as a Graphic Group, making a third of the Computer Division of the Lucasfilm company, by 1986 Pixar was purchased by Steve Jobs (apple ex-ceo) (he paid $5 million to George Lucas and put another $5 million as a start up capital). In 2006 The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar at a valuation of $7.4 billion and made Jobs the largest shareholder in Disney. In1986 Pixar started out with a  small staff of about 45 people, during the years, it grew up… Read more »

Patch Work Pieces and their Stories

A story submitted by: Reham El Sherif, Architect. Cairo, Egypt. The patch work is a widely known style used in upholstery, quilts and wall hangings. Evidence of patch work – piecing small pieces of fabric together to create a larger piece, then quilting layers of textile together – has been found throughout history. Earliest examples have been located in Egyptian tombs. This style of work is very expressive and concerns a lot of creativity to be able to put together different kinds, styles, colors, and sizes of fabrics together and connect them with some accessories to make a beautiful design that can sum… Read more »

A Hidden Wine Cellar for any Room in your House

If you have ever thought of building a Wine Cellar at home, and didn’t have enough space or an extra room for it, then this solution could come in handy for you. An amazingly designed wine cellar that can be built in any ground-floor-room of your house, all it needs is digging a whole in the ground, and the rest is art. This type of wine cellar can be easily hidden and accessed through the floor, where it can have an access door that matches the room flooring to blend with its interior. The guys at Wine Cellars describes it as… Read more »

080-23MR Sensualscaping: The House of Curves

The 080-23MR, in Clapham, South London, is a house with a design based on an organic flow of curves floating from the inside-out and connecting all the internal spaces together along with the house’s back yard. Designed by Alex Haw of Amos Studio, a firm operating at the intersection of design, research, art and the urban environment; they tried to create a house that fulfill the clients passion of connecting spaces together; cooking with entertaining, reading with writing, gardening with every aspect of everyday life. The concept of the house is based on the living room as a central space with all the… Read more »

Shelf Pod – The Islamic Library Residence in Japan
Japan’s 9-hours Capsule Hotel

From Japan, the busiest most efficient country in the world, comes out a new capsule hotel named 9 hours. Coming along this modern Japanese-style hotel grabbed my attention that 9 hours isn’t just a name, its a complete theme that defines the exact function of the sleep-in facility. Designed by Fumie Shibata of design studio s, the new capsule hotel offers luxury in a minimum living volume by defining the elements necessary for a minimal transit space for day-travelers, businessmen that missed the last train, or night-life goers who are looking for a fast place to crash. The design theme is very minimalistic, it’s majorly white and black,… Read more »

Twitter office

Sometimes just a little bird can take an important role in shifting the direction of history’s wheel.  In the beginning of 2011,  the world has witnessed the Twitter effect on the Middle Eastern wave of revolutions. Egypt was one of the countries that demonstrated the use of internet technologies in their up-rise. Due to the super fast rate of info exchange, twitter.com was the first website to get blocked by the ex-government, even before Facebook, tweets went viral in a mater of seconds.  As a result, now the country is experiencing a much higher interest in social networking and especially tweeting. The… Read more »

A Shoe-box Studio Apartment with 24 Rooms [VIDEO]

Award-winning Hong Kong architect Gary Chang has managed to fit 24 rooms in his 32 sq meter(344 sq feet) apartment studio, including a spa and home cinema transforming it into a Swiss army knife-style home. He added to his flat a series of accordion-like sliding walls on metal tracks fixed to the ceiling, movable smart walls which allowed him to easily transform the space available into a variety of spaces carrying different functions, the partitions conceal a wall-mounted TV,  drawers for clothes, shelves for toiletries, racks for CDs and DVDs, a hidden queen size master-bed, a fold-down guest bedroom. Moving a series of walls also… Read more »

OfficePOD – the Next Generation of the Workplace

With fast technologies and fast–developing world working from home is becoming a very popular and desirable trend. Who would mind to escape everyday stressful traffic, dress-code at work, tight working hours and many other working-mood spoilers? Same time there are few strong cons –staying home too much, not organized working space, distraction by home duties. OfficePOD Ltd. decided to change the concept of how people work. The OfficePOD has been designed to be a place of work that meets all the obligations to provide a safe and compliant work environment. It is of optimum size (2.1m x 2.1m) and does… Read more »

A Peek inside the Skype office

SKYPE, the infamous VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software company, was founded in Luxembourg in 2003 by Swedish entrepreneur Niklas Zennström and Dane Janus Friis. The company is headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in London, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tartu, Prague, and Palo Alto, with most of the development team and 44% of the overall employees of Skype situated in the offices of Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia.  Almost no one in today’s online world wouldn’t be familiar with or haven’t used the software to voice or video-chat. In May 2011, Skype was acquired by -software-giant- Microsoft for $8.5 Billion. In April 2011 Skype moved into… Read more »

Comic and Animation Museum – Hangzhou, China

We’ve been mentioning China a few times so far since our start and we still didn’t get enough! Featuring another magnificent structure scheduled for construction in 2012, the China Comic and Animation Museum in Hangzhou, China. Dutch studio MVRDV – the winner of museum’s international design competition – quoted: “(Rotterdam, 5th May 2011) Hangzhou urban planning bureau has announced MVRDV winner of the international design competition for the China Comic and Animation Museum (CCAM) in Hangzhou, China. MVRDV won with a design referring to the speech balloon: a series of eight speech balloon shaped volumes create an internally complex museum experience of in total… Read more »

How Fun Can Your Office Get?

How many times you woke up in the morning feeling like not going to work today? Plenty is my guess.  An average employee spends approximately 160 hours or more per month at work, multiply that by the years of work from graduation till retirement that’s around a 1/3 of a person’s most productive years spent at the office. The business world is mostly stuck to a specific design of workspace, usually indiscernible colors, similar small cubicles, and uncomfortable kitchens and facilities – if available, leading sometimes to boredom, inefficiency and weak staff performance. The stereotype should be broken, and it… Read more »

Home Automation – The next level

Just 10 days ago, Electronic house magazine have announced their 2011 Electronic House of the year.  Belonging to owners Angie and Shannon Davis of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA; they have taken their 5,500-square foot contemporary craftsman estate to the next level of home automation. We’ve seen lights that switches on automatically at dusk, curtains that close/open with a clap, room auto temperatures adjusted.  But an iron that warms up automatically a few minutes before you start pressing, or a chandelier that flashes in the powder room to indicate shortage of toilet paper, or a shower that presets the water temperature and… Read more »

How Many Architects Can You Fit in One Hotel?

In July 2005, a new hotel was added to Madrid’s hotel inventory. The Puerta America wasn’t just another hotel opening in the Spanish capital, it was ‘The’ hotel, a luxury concept. The Puerta America is very unique in the fact that it was a co-design between 19 of the today’s biggest internationally acclaimed names in the field of Architecture and Interior Design from 13 different countries, showcasing their magic in a very harmonious piece of design. With a price tag rising up to around $100 million there were really no obstacles to their imagination. They approached a minimalist high tech… Read more »

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