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Picture of the Day: The Dreamy Skyline of Singapore

This magnificent HDR skyline image was taken at Marina Bay in Singapore by photographer Matthew Brandalise of San Jose, California. Using 3 layered images with different exposure times, resulted in a dreamy and colorful night shot. “I was perched on the stairs next to Louis Vuitton store (previously featured here). I used a Nikon D4 with a Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED lens. I used the Pedco UltraPod II Lightweight Camera Tripod to steady the camera. I shot in the evening at 7:30pm on a late fall evening. Settings were ISO 400, F5.0, 26mm. I took three photos bracketed at -1ev, 0ev, and… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Lee Bothma’s Antelopes in a Misty Sunset

Wildlife photographer and explorer Lee Bothma, roams some of South Africa’s most untouched places in search of the perfect photo. In this magnificent snap, Bothma captured a group of Springboks antelopes in a misty sunset scene in Kgalagada Transfrontier Park, South Africa. The springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis) is a medium-sized brown and white antelope-gazelle of southwestern Africa. It is extremely fast and can reach speeds of 100 km/h (62 mph) and can leap 4 m (13 feet) through the air. The photo is been up on 500px.com for 2 months and since then has gotten a viral wave of praise online. Head over to Bothma’s profile for more of… Read more »

Make It or Break It – Annual Wildebeest Migration

This dynamic photograph was taken by Mark Bridger in Kenya during the annual wildebeest migration of herds from the Serengeti in Northern Tanzania to the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Often called “The Great Show on Earth”, it includes 2-2.5 million of wildebeest, zebras and gazelle moving together from July to October each year. The photographer named this shot “Geronimo!”, describing that while jumping into the Mara river, many of wildebeests die drowning, exhaustion or taken by Nile crocodiles.

Maman – Giant Spider Sculpture by Louise Bourgeois

Maman (“mother” in French), created in 1999 by French-American artist Louise Bourgeois, is one of the world’s largest sculptures. Measured over 30 ft high and over 33 ft wide, the mammoth artwork consists of a sac containing 26 marble eggs, the abdomen and thorax which are made up of ribbed bronze. The sculpture was dedicated to Bourgeois’ mother whom she lost in age of 21. The friend (the spider – why the spider?) because my best friend was my mother and she was deliberate, clever, patient, soothing, reasonable, dainty, subtle, indispensable, neat, and as useful as a spider. She could also defend herself, and me, by… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Graffiti Removal Guy Graffitied!

UK-based graffiti artist, DS saw his Bad Kitty graffiti on a London wall painted over within eight hours of spraying it. The piece was intended as a statement on the “squeaky clean image” of the Hello Kitty cartoon. His reaction to the removal was rather different this time. He documented the removal guy himself, and used one image of the graffiti removal employee as his next piece of art on the very same wall. The piece is still on view on the wall in Essex Road, Islington. DS told the Daily Mail: “My reaction to it being removed was a little different than normally. Knowing a piece… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Giant Rooster amid the Trafalgar Square in London

Few days ago, on July 25, 2013, a giant blue rooster appeared amid London’s Trafalgar Square. The  4.7 meters (15 feet) installation is called “Hahn/Cock” and made by German artist Katharina Fritsch. This is the most recent sculpture to occupy the Forth Plinth, which every now and then is carrying the artwork of the art contest winner, organized by London’s mayor Boris Johnson. The enormous bird supposed to symbolize the male-dominated Britain and will remain on the plinth for 18 months. 

Picture of the Day: NASA Released View of Earth from Saturn

This photo was taken on July 19,  2013 from the Cassini spacecraft. The wide-angle camera has captured Saturn rings along with our planet Earth, which is 898 million miles (1.44 billion kilometers) away in this image and appears as a blue dot at center right. You can notice the moon as a fainter protrusion off Earth’s right side. The other bright dots nearby are stars. According to NASA this is only the third time ever that Earth has been imaged from the outer solar system.

Picture of the Day: Jordan’s Syrian Refugee City, the World’s Largest of its Kind!

This is an aerial view of the Zaatari refugee camp which roughly holds 115,000 Syrian refugees near the Jordanian city of Mafraq, 8 kilometers (5 miles) from the Jordan-Syria border. The picture was taken by Mandel Ngan on Thursday, July 18, 2013 during a visit of John Kerry, US Secretary of State. According to U.N. official Zaatari is not just a refugee camp, but more like a small city with various facilities such as 3,000 shops, plenty of restaurants, food vendors, taxi services, schools, sport fields and hospitals spread around its 12 districts with  its own “Champs Elysees” as the main street. During his… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Manhattan Now and Then

Ever wondered how New York used to look like before it was a city? The Manhatta project through 1999 – 2009 discovered that one of the world’s most build-up cities once used to be very rich in terms of landscapes and wildlife community  for thousands of years before Europeans arrived on the scene in 1609. The Welikia Project (2010 – 2013) goes beyond Manahattan to encompass the entire city, discover its original ecology and compare it to what we have today; they give a chance to anyone to walk in past through the map on their website. The Welikia Project also includes… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Admiring Her Beauty

Here’s an adorable photo, by Netherlands-based nature photographer Wil Mijer, showing how many exuberant colors there are in nature, through this simple composition of a green-eyed tree frog dangling from a leaf and admiring a blue butterfly. “I found my passion, macro photography, mostly in nature. I love photographing insects and flowers, but butterflies are my absolute favorite.” – Wil Mijer. More Pictures of the Day [Image copyright: Wil Mijer]

Picture of the Day: Growth Amid Rubber

Nature is trying to speak out to us everywhere every day. In the image above, a stubborn tree was noticed on April 16, 2013 among piles of used tires in a ten-hectare installation for recycling in Lachapelle-Auzac, France.  The recycling company operating through this location was closed in 2004, yet the tires were never removed. More Pictures of the Day [Via WSJ/ Eric Cabanis/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images]

Picture of the Day: NASA Freshly Released Image of the Sun

This breathtaking image is a result of composing 25 separate images of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory from April 16, 2012, to April 15, 2013 made by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly where the sun is captured every 12 seconds in 10 different wavelengths. The work presented here is based on a wavelength of 171 angstroms, which is in the extreme ultraviolet range and shows solar material at around 600,000 kelvins (about 1.08 million F). The result image is extremely stable despite the fact that SDO orbits Earth at 6,876 mph and Earth orbits the sun at 67,062 mph. The images have… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Mesa Arch, Canyonlands

Photographed by Chris Carvalho, The Mesa Arch in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park is one of the finest places for a photographer to start the day. This 4×5 negative was exposed with an old lens, a 121mm Schneider Super Angulon. It was a favorite of Ansel Adams. While an excellent optic for its time, it only had single-layer coating and was subject to more flare than modern lenses. In this instance, it created a starburst pattern with rainbow streaks that add greatly to the character of the image. [NatGeo] More Pictures of the Day

Picture of the Day: We Will Finish the Race

Today’s Picture of the Day goes to the Boston Magazine brilliant cover with this touching photographed composition of Boston Marathon’s shoes, shaping a negative-space heart in the middle. Inside the heart, a powerful headline reads, “We Will Finish the Race.” photographer Mitchell Feinberg took this aiming to create an iconic photo of the events. As Boston Magazine editor John Wolfson states, “To me the cover is about two things: perseverance and unity. By itself, each shoe in the photograph is tiny, battered, and ordinary. Together, though, they create something beautiful, powerful, and inspirational. Remove just one shoe and you begin to diminish, in some small… Read more »

Picture of the Day: First Flight

Karin Thorell, a Swedish wildlife photographer, that has dedicated her life to photographing birds insects and the amazing species of our nature. In a photo-shoot of a Golden-eye Duck colony, Thorell captured this momentous photograph of  2 baby common golden-eye ducks leaving the nest and taking to the air for their first ever flight. The expressions on their face are priceless! The Common Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula) is a medium-sized sea duck. Adult males ranges from 45–52 cm (18–21 inches) and from 888 to 1400 grams (1.9 to 3.1 lbs), while females range from 40–50 cm (16–20 inches) and from 500 to 1182 grams (1.1 to… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Moonrise Photo-Collage Over Los Angeles

In this breathtaking image the brilliance of a moon-rise is caught on camera over Los Angeles, California. The footage was captured by Dan Marker-Moore, a motion designer and artist from LA. The time sliced image above is a collage of 11 photos taken over 27 minutes and 59 seconds.

Picture of the Day: Sweeping Intersection

November 1980: Aerial photo of the intersection of the Harbor (110) and Santa Monica (10) freeways just southwest of downtown Los Angeles with the skyline in the background. Sweeping Intersection When this photo was published in the 2000 Los Angeles Times book “Imagining Los Angeles: Photographs of a 20th Century City,” the accompanying text reported: Essential to the city’s sprawling character and its attachment to the automobile was the development of a system of toll-free roadways that would deliver commuters briskly to their destinations – at least in theory. The first freeway, between downtown L.A. and Pasadena, opened in 1939. Today… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Guardian of Karnak Temple

Guardian of Karnak Temple – Luxor, Egypt For today’s Picture of the Day, we have this magical snap by Australian photographer Jarrod Castaing taken on his visit to Luxor, Egypt on March 01, 2010 of the Karnak Temple. The Karnak Temple complex is a vast open-air museum and the largest ancient religious site in the world. It is believed to be the second most visited historical site in Egypt; second only to the Giza Pyramids near Cairo. It consists of four main parts of which only the largest is currently open to the general public. The photograph was an Editors’ Pick from the Smithsonian magazine 2012… Read more »

Picture of the Day: A Bug on A Red Background

A Damselfly Resting on a Slender Stem of a Grass photographed by Singapore-based photographer Joel Forte of Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines)

Picture of the Day: A Man Feeding Swans in the Snow

A beautiful black and white photograph of Krakow, Poland in winter, snapped by polish photographer Marcin Ryczek. An image that can be considered a once-in-a-lifetime shot that is full of contrast between black/white, water/snow, and person/animals – all split by one clear vertical line. Simply amazing! [Via Colossal]

Picture of the Day: Venezia Evening

Argentinian amateur photographer Fede Álvarez based in Valencia, Spain snapped this heartwarming photograph of Venice, entitled “Venezia Evening”, on a warm summer night in August of 2012 from over the Rialto bridge – one of the four bridges  and the oldest of them spanning the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. This is considered one of the famous views of Venice, the Rialto view. The equipment used was a Canon EOS T3i with an 18-135mm. The picture shot at 18 mm, ISO 100 and aperture f/5. The exquisite balance of light exposure and harmony of colors gives the photo a live feel and a desire to be… Read more »

The Top 10 ‘Pictures of the Day’ for 2012

After the tremendous success our “Picture of the Day” section received upon its introduction in 2012, we’ve decided to put together a short gallery of our most “liked” images posted throughout the year, in efforts to honor the gifted photographers that have managed to snap incredible imagery that inspires us all. Below are the top 10 Pictures of the day for 2012. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out of your day to check out the site. May you continue to be inspired, educated and entertained by our beautiful planet and all that inhabit it. Enjoy the peek!… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Central Park Panorama

What you’re looking at is aerial photos stitched together to form one huge 3D panorama of Central Park in New York. captured by Russian photographer Sergey Semenov, he got the EPSON International Pano Awards 2012 (Panoramic Photography Competition) as Major Amateur Winner and as Amateur Award – Built Environment (including architecture and landscape). His art keeps your eyes interested in details of the picture and your mind busy with “how did he make this shot?” question. [Via The Pano Awards]

The Submerged Roller Coaster by Sandy

The above photograph is from Stephen Wilkes, who has offered limited edition prints of this photo as part of the Art for Sandy Relief Project in collaboration with TIME’s photo editors. All net profits from print sales go towards six local charities. Here’s the artist’s statement: There are moments in journalism when the media captures the visual details of a disaster, yet sometimes misses the true scale of devastation. It was with that in mind that on Sunday, November 4th, I flew in a helicopter over a number of the most devastated areas hit by Superstorm Sandy. Specifically, the devastation in and around Seaside… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Unsafe Journey

A spectacular catch by photographer Amy Helene Johansson of a woman riding between the railway carriages of a local train heading north from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Her luggage is tucked under the carriage in front of her. Trains are packed and many who fail to get tickets before they sell out or can’t afford buying them at the black market ride on the roof of the train or, like this woman, finds a quiet spot between the carriages. Quite the risky ride! [Via: Boston.com]

Picture of the Day: Winter in Alexandria, Egypt

One of the most stunning captures I’ve seen of my hometown, Alexandria, Egypt, is snapped by the talented amateur photographer Amy El Shaarawy. Her photograph of Alexandria’s main seaside road wet from rain and angry waves, briefly describes and sums up what the city is all about. Though a coastal city popular for its beaches, resorts and summer getaways, anyone that know Alexandria loves its quiet and heart-warming rainy winters further more than its crowded hot and humid summers. Great photograph! [Wet me Alex © Amy Elshaarawy] [On Flickr]

Picture of the Day: Forced-Perspective Superman by Dimitri Bogachuk

This incredible forced-perspective photograph entitled “Superman”, snapped by Ukrainian photographer Dimitri Bogachuk, riding on one of the horrifically long subway escalators Ukraine’s possess. A very original idea that blends perspective and long exposure blur adding an illusion of flying. It all depends on how you look at it. [Via Cultura Inquieta]

A Bubble in a Water Drop

A stunning snap at the International Space Station of astronaut Andre Kuipers watching a bubble in a drop of water while enjoying the weightless environment. The photo was taken days before his return to Earth last July. Kuipers was previously featured on our blog for his stunning Earth from space gallery.

A Perfect Snap of A Norwegian Fjord

Today’s picture of the day comes from the narrow inlet with steep cliffs of the Norwegian Fjord region. Snapped by Hadi Soewoyo while on cruise, the photographer manages to capture the magical scenery of the glacier carved valley. The green topography reflecting on the water surface is just breathtaking, grabbing an advanced spot on my personal travel list. The fjord is one of Norway’s most visited tourist sites and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005.

Inflating A Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey

Today’s picture of the day comes from Cappadocia, central Turkey, where a hot air balloon is being inflated before an aerial trip, as seen from inside. the photograph is flourishing with vibrant colors, showing the scale of the balloon. The image was a finalist in the 2011 Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year finishing in 16th place. [Via Twisted Sifter]

Your Average Smartphone in the 80s!

In the 80s, performing any of the tasks in the image below required its own separate bulky gadget. I remember getting my first walkman tape player as a kid and how cool it felt to have something extremely portable for its time! And how getting Nintendo’s original GameBoy required buying a separate cartridge cassette for every single game, instead of downloading and automatically updating form the online app store today! This image beautifully displays how far technology has come in just 30 years. Nowadays, each and every function performed by these gadgets are at the palm of your hand and the… Read more »

Vertical Expansion

Tonight’s Picture of the Day comes from the rising Chinese commercial hub, Shanghai, taken by photographer Toffiloff using  a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the image photographs downtown Shanghai in a monochrome tone that delivers a feeling of comfort and calmness to a relitavely hyperactive city. It was snapped from the top of the World Financial Center (492.0 meters – The 4th tallest tower in the world) looking down at the rest of the Pudong peninsula including the Jin Mao Tower (421 meters – The 9th tallest tower in the world) and the Yangtze River. Fantastic shot! [Photographer’s Flickr profile]

NYC Skyline Over the Years (1876-2013)

This great photographic composition highlights the changes underwent to the New York City skyline in the past 137 years, the Manhattan city-scape is often hailed as having one of the greatest skylines in the world (other candidates include Hong Kong, Chicago and Singapore) and it’s interesting to see how it once looked back in the late 1800′s. From the city’s early immigration days, passing through the era of the Great Depression, then the old World Trade Center twin towers (where the 9/11 memorial is now located) and ending up in 2013 with the new One World Trade Center joining the silhouette… Read more »

Usain Bolt Projected on the Houses of Parliament in London

For tonight’s Picture of the Day, here’s an image of the 100 meters world record holder, Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt projected on the Houses of Parliament in London last night. Bolt, 26, widely known as the fastest man ever, is the first man to hold both the 100 meters and 200 meters world records. He just snatched another gold medal in the Men’s 100 meters Final, with a new world record of 9.63 seconds, breaking his own previous record. More on our 2012 London Olympics urban coverage here.

Toy Eiffel Tower

This beautiful photograph of The Eiffel Tower in the French capital Paris was taken by photographer Mohamed Khalil El Mahrsi , in May 2012. Using a Sony DSLR-α230, he then added a tilt-shift effect using Photoshop, which achieved a miniature-like feel of a toy or an architectural model. The picture, snapped at sunset, carries the perfect balance of highlights and shadows that gives it a heart-warming feeling. Paris is a city thats considered one of the most elegant and intriguing for a photographer’s eye and it takes a talented one to bring out the best of it.

Morning in Valley

A breathtaking photograph, entitled “Morning in Valley“, snapped on 15 July 2012, by photographer Hai Thinh in Bac Ha Valley in Lang Son Province, northern Vietnam. Bac Ha, a quiet corner of the country with a population of 148,000 inhabitants, is a tourist-attracting location for it’s rich green nature and extraordinary scenery of  karstic limestone mountains and valleys. The photograph spreads a heartwarming feeling of optimism, with a spectacular balance between color saturation and contrast. It was taken using a Nikon DS3 with 24-120mm lens and has already made it to the top of the popular images list on 500px.com. This definitely was a Good Morning.

US Navy Nuclear Super Aircraft Carrier Performs Crazy Skidding Over the Atlantic

The photo was taken last Sunday, July 8, from an airplane flying over the Atlantic Ocean. The USS Harry S. Truman is conducting sea trials in collaboration with Norfolk Naval Shipyard to train Sailors and ensure operability of equipment and systems while at sea. In the shot, the aircraft carrier is attempting a turn in the water, where it’s ramped up to full power and then the rudder is  pushed to make it turn, it’s like a car skid. Everything on the deck has to be tightly secured for this operation. Otherwise it would fall off into the water. That sort of turn usually… Read more »

Reflections of La Défense, Paris by Philipp Klinger

Frequently referred to as the world’s most beautiful city, Paris has stunning architecture and intriguing  landscapes that make it unlike any other place in the world. It takes a talented photographer to capture the city in ways that haven’t been done before. German photographer Philipp Klinger snapped this glamorous photo entitled “Blade Runner” of the reflection of high rise towers at “La Defense”, Paris’s financial district, showing the modern and fast pace side of the French capital. The picture was shot using a Nikon D700, carrying the perfect balance of highlights and shadows for a long exposure shot. Check out more of Klinger’s work on his… Read more »

And the Alligator Said “See You Later”

Timing is everything, when it comes to memorable photography. This perfectly timed photo taken by Marina Scarr of an American alligator just about to swallow an unlucky gar fish in Florida, USA. The photograph was submitted to National Geographic’s Annual Photo Contest in the Spontaneous Moments category. Upon posting the picture on the NatGeo Facebook page, it hit 35K shares and almost 100K likes. Awesome shot! It deserves to be the picture of the day.

An Arctic View of Our Blue Marble

For the first time, NASA captures an image of the whole volume of our home planet looking down at the North Pole. At an altitude of 828 Km (512 miles), Earth looks different than the image we’re used too of the eastern and western hemishperes snapped from the orbital plane of the planet. This view shows the UK and Greenland clearly, Europe, most of Asia, northern Africa and north America. The Arctic view of the Blue Marble is not a single photo,  according to NASA, it took 15 orbits of the  recently launched Suomi NPP satellite provided the VIIRS instrument, to gather the pixels… Read more »

First Contact

A priceless reaction caught on the little girls face looking up surprised to discover a new form of life. The girl and the Manatee each staring curiously at each other, in an introduction that doesn’t usually happen except with barriers in between. The superb image was taken by Christopher Wright of CMGW Photography on May 8, 2012 in Orlando, Florida, US, using a Canon EOS 50D.

Hong Kong in a Morning by Michail Vorobyev

A breathtaking view of Victoria harbor in early morning hours showing the light rays penetrating the thick gloomy layer of clouds over the Hong Kong skyline on the way to Lamma island. Snapped by photographer Michail Vorobyev, the image shows amazing contrast of colors over one of the most loved harbors in the world. The harbor is one of Hong Kong’s greatest assets, a jewel that people marvel at, no matter how many times they visit the city. People travel from all over the world to see and admire it.

The Blue Dragon by Steve Richards, Rendered or Real?

This stunning photograph that looks more like a computer generated render was shot by Steven Richards on a flight from Cardiff, UK to Faro, Portugal. The photo generated plenty of debate about its authenticity, Richards assures it’s real, he explains the bright blue color of the water is because of the reflection of the sky and the cast shadows on the terrain are of the clouds; that’s what gives this image it’s allure housing a mix of nature’s best colors.

Cat Vs. Mantis by Brooke Pennington

A spectacular capture of a wildlife confrontation between a cat and a mantis taken by Michigan photographer Brooke Pennington. Regardless of the challenge, the mantis is putting up a decent defense for what would be presumed as a settled dispute. Incredible moment!

Waterway to Orbit by James Vernacotola

Photographer James Vernacotola captured this stunning long exposure image in 2010 of Space Shuttle Endeavor launch from the Intracoastal Waterway Bridge in Ponte Vedra, Florida; about 115 miles from the launch pad. This launch was extra special because it was NASA’s last scheduled night launch of the space shuttle program. The brilliance of the moment and location of the photo is without a doubt captivating and unique. It was featured in the June/July 2010 issue of Air & Space/ Smithsonian and as an honorable mention in the 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest.

The Perfect Baseball Shot

A unique snap shot by photographer jib661 posted on Reddit a few days ago . By focusing on the ground between the pitcher and the batter, he took continuous shots of the sequence until he got a few where the ball itself was in focus. He describes “I prefocused between the pitcher/catcher, and shot on continous (out of about 800 frames, i had 3 in focus). It was shot with a Canon 300mm 2.8 on a 1D MKII. The lens was about 1.5 inches from the fence.” You can find a higher resolution image available here, and if you’re interested, he also uploaded a gallery… Read more »

Gecko Portrait Shot by Robert Seber

Robert Seber, an amateur photographer from England that takes stunning macro images of insects, has snapped this remarkable close-up of a Gecko’s face profile. The changing colors of the gecko to its surrounding environment is what interested Seber to take the photograph, although focusing on such a small creature that can move rapidly was hard, with the help of a friend to hold it still, the shot turned out representing strong character and the detail in its eyes is just extremely daring!

One spring day in Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria by Albena Markova

A breathtaking photograph entitled Anticipation of Spring by award-winning Bulgarian photographer Albena Markova from Sophia. Taken at Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria looking down at the valley, the photo is defined by superb lighting, contrast and color tones. Makes you really crave the warmth of spring. Albena’s photographs have been published extensively worldwide in a large variety of media ranging from calendars, books, magazines and many more.

A Bug on  A Bike by Tustel Ico

Photographer Tustel Ico of Borneo, Indonesia, captured a brilliant macro shot of a Praying Mantis sitting on two budding leaves which made it look like a bicycle ride. Just amazing!

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