Mohamed Ali Mosque - Cairo - by Ahmad Ghonaim
GoPro Footage of A Skier’s Thrilling Zoom Through A Forest

If a steep slope doesn’t present enough challenge of it’s own, a combo of forest trees and a slope might. Exactly what skiers Candide Thovex and Aziz Benkrich display in their thriller footage captured using a GoPro camera. They successfully prove one clear point – skiing doesn’t get much more extreme than this. They’re going so fast and getting so close to wiping each other out , it messes with your nerves. What a ride.  SEE ALSO: Top 10 Adrenaline-Rushing Short Videos Shot With A GoPro Camera

Darcy – Instagram’s Cutest Hedgehog

It’s always fun to find a new account to follow on Instagram. This time I was impressed by creativity of Shota Tsukamoto from Tokyo, Japan. His thread is all about his amazing pet – a hedgehog called Darcy (aka @darcytheflyinghedgehog), who already has more than 355,000 fans. She is 3 years old and was named after the former bassist from the band The Smashing Pumpkins. All the shots Tsukamoto takes are extremely adorable and creative as he uses different, sometimes unexpected objects in his photo compositions. Pictures are left without any captions so viewers can imagine their own stories. There is also… Read more »

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Mark Khaisman’s Tape Art

Mark Khaisman is an artist who was born  in 1958 in Kyiv, Ukraine, studied Art and Architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute in Russia and now living in Philadelphia, USA. His medium consists of three elements: translucent packing tape, clear acrylic or film panels, and light. Banality of the tape in Khaisman’s hands transforms into incredible illusions formed by light and shadow. “The tape is the message. A parody on Marshall McLuhan’s famous quote could explain the superficial motives, which make up the work. Subjects are categorized into different groups: fragmented stills from classic cinema, iconic objects from art history, portraits. The works are exploring the familiar… Read more »

88 Still Images of the Same Building in Munich by Víctor Enrich

Víctor Enrich, architecture photographer from Barcelona, recently finished his new project called NHDK, exploring his own capacity to transform the anodyne tower of the NH Deutscher Kaiser hotel in Munich, Germany in as many ways as possible. He ended up with 88 digitally modified images, as he is also a piano player and piano has 88 keys. The project took Enrich 6 month until it was complitely done. “The main core of my work relies on 3D software in order to recreate a scene that I previously shot with my camera. I would say that I steal the geometry of a place via… Read more »

25 Incredibly Colorized Historical Photographs

A brilliant artistic trend of photo-manipulation has broken to changes our perception of history dramatically. Colorizing historic photographs from the late 1800′s and early 1900′s changes their appearance from something historic and different, into a scene from today. The colorful image of Albert Einstein sitting beside the water gives us an entire new perspective on the genius. He goes from a brilliant historic relic, into a living brilliance of our era. The colorized photograph of Audrey Hepburn transforms our thoughts of beauty. Historic events move forward decades, or even a full century, by the addition of color carefully planned and… Read more »

Christmas Miracle Arranged by Canadian Airlines

Canada’s  airlines company WestJet recently arranged a real Christmas miracle for their 250 customers traveling from Hamilton and Toronto International Airports for two Calgary-bound flights. Passengers had to scan their boarding passes in Santa’s kiosks in the airport and say what they want for Christmas. The wishes happened to vary from fresh socks to a big-screen TV. After everyone boarded more than 150 WestJet employees ran to luggage carousel as the passengers arrive. WestJet will start donating flights to families in need if video will get at least 200,000 views on YouTube. Published on December 8th, it already got more than 12,000,000 hits! Enjoy the… Read more »

Starbucks’ New Store Designed Like An Old-Fashioned Apothecary

Starbucks opened a new store in New Orleans, USA. New location on Canal Street was inspired by city’s history and was designed to imagine how would the place look like as if it belonged to a Louisianan merchant in the early 1900s resembling the old apothecary store. The front room is a room where the merchant would have worked, and the back one – his living space – has more relaxed atmosphere. Lots of interior pieces were made by local artists. The new coffeeshop is an example of Starbucks approach of honoring the neighborhood’s culture through the store’s design.

Grotesque Street Art by Roa

Belgian street artist Roa is trying to drag attention of the world to how many species become victims of hunting and polution nowadays. This year he traveled around the globe leaving his monocromatic depictions of animals all around Austria, Canada, Great Britain, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the US. All the murals are spray-painted. Roa’s street art might look disgusting, weird and grotesque, but after all it’s true – we try to ignore our furry neighbours while they have to deal with us and our dominance.

World Seen Through My Eyes – Mirrored Reality by Morten Nordstrøm

Morten Nordstrøm, 25-year-old photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark, captures the beauty of his hometown and Paris through puddle reflections. Perfectly mirrored collection of images called World Seen Through My Eyes keep the viewers staring at them for a while, noticing all the small details of doubled reality. All of the photos are taken with Nokia Lumia 925 and go straight on Morten’s Instagram account.   Related Images:

Architectural Portraits by Francesco Paleari

Francesco Paleari, communication designer and photographer from Milan, Italy, created an extraordinary set of black and white portraits under the title Profili di Milano (Profiles of Milan). The series of manipulated images is a compilation of historical buildings and ordinary faces from Milan. Paleari’s great photo editing skills perfectly blend face features into architectural elements. The main idea of the project is to show the importance of both – people and architecture in the city life.

Artistic Eye Make-Up by Tal Peleg

Make-up seems pretty easy as it’s a part of daily routine for most women. For most of average women. For professionals like Tal Peleg (aka Scarlet Moon) it’s a limitless space for creativity. Peleg utilizes the eyelid, eyebrow and the eye itself as she creates her artistic illustrations inspired by fairy tales, novels etc. Not the most acceptable everyday make-up ideas, though could work for parties and photo sessions. For more images check out artist’s profile on Facebook and Instagram.

What if Other Planets Replaced the Moon?

Space enthusiast Ron Miller wondered what if other planet’s replaced moon? He turned his curiousity into a surreal series of retouched images where the moon is replaced by one of the other seven planets. Miller left the real distance from the Earth to the moon (around 240,000 miles) and kept the chemical makeup and lustrous color of each planet. “We’re pretending, of course, that Venus would still have the same atmospheric conditions if it were in essentially the same orbit as the Earth.” – says Miller about gaseous planet Venus Great perspective on imagening how large other planets are compared to the moon. Moon… Read more »

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