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Fading Thoughts by Andrew Myers

Not so long ago we featured the 3D screw portraits of American artist Andrew Myers, as a unique and fresh type of art. Well, this is the newest of his work just unveiled under the name “Fading Thoughts” portrait. The 3D painting made completely out of screws shows the magnificent talent of Myers and how realistic his pieces can get. “I don’t want that dead portrait look anymore,” he says. “So I want to actually make a scene, something that appears to be happening that isn’t really happening. So it’s kind of a test to see how far I can push this material.”… Read more »

3-Dimensional Screw Portraits By Andrew Myers

Sculptor and artist Andrew Myers, from Laguna Beach, Californa, has come out with a new type of art we haven’t seen much of before. He creates 3 dimensional portraits by drilling 8,000 to 10,000 individual screws into a plywood panel, then paints over the head of each screw to enhance the 3D effect. “I liked the ideas of using screws because of the industrial aspect and the harshness that comes with using it as a material,” Myers told AOL News. Each portrait took Myers around 6 months to complete and although he sells his work for as much as $35,000 a piece,… Read more »

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