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Darcy – Instagram’s Cutest Hedgehog

It’s always fun to find a new account to follow on Instagram. This time I was impressed by creativity of Shota Tsukamoto from Tokyo, Japan. His thread is all about his amazing pet – a hedgehog called Darcy (aka @darcytheflyinghedgehog), who already has more than 355,000 fans. She is 3 years old and was named after the former bassist from the band The Smashing Pumpkins. All the shots Tsukamoto takes are extremely adorable and creative as he uses different, sometimes unexpected objects in his photo compositions. Pictures are left without any captions so viewers can imagine their own stories. There is also… Read more »

99 Lifelike Animals by Cai Guo-Qiang

Chinese  artist Cai Guo-Qiang recently presented his first exhibition called Falling Back to Earth, at Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art in South Brisbane, Australia. The exhibition consists of two massive installations – Heritage (bears, zebras, giraffes, pandas, lions, tigers, and kangaroos drinking from a pool filled with 170 tons of water) and Head on (racing wolves sculptures crashing into the glass wall).  Both dramatic scenes count 99 life-size replicas of wild animals. The exhebition is on untill May 11, 2014.

Insects Made of Junk by Edouard Martinet

French artist Edouard Martinet creates increadible insect sculptures out of found objects such as car, bicycle parts, clocks, old spoons and so on. Hard to believe that these tender detailed creatures used to be dwellers on the junk yard. Martinet does not solder or weld parts, he screws the sculptures together. Each piece takes him around one month and the artist usually works on few at the same time. If interested in this breathtaking masterpieces, Martinet has a new exhibition at Sladmore Contemporary in London, UK November 27 through January 31, 2014. Pay a visit if passing nearby.

Boy and His Puppy’s Adorable Naptime Story

Once Jessica Shyba (mommasgonecity on Instagram) adopted a boxer/shepherd/lab mix Theo from the Santa Cruz SPCA, she found him very attached to her family members and especially to her youngest 23-month-old son Beau. Right after few days of getting used to the new house, tiny 7-weeks-old puppy joined Beau’s naptime and kept it as a new habbit afterwards. “The following day, Theo met us up in my room for the nap time ritual, and so began what I can only describe as the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed.” – Shyba shares the story of the new common nap time… Read more »

Bear Portraits by Jill Greensberg

Photograph Jill Greensberg is known for her ability to bring human qualities into animal photography. Her “Bear Portraits” project carries all the spectrum of emotions and personalities along with the depths of characters captured in different members of the Ursidae family.  “I wanted to create images of these majestic beasts unlike anything we had seen before. I set up a studio outside to show the intensity and allow an intimate view of these powerful beasts.” – Greensberg says. The Ursine series was exhibited in different galleries and collected by various museums around the world, some pieces were bought by celebrities ( Tom Ford,… Read more »

Expressive Animal Portraits by Wolf Ademeit

German photographer Wolf Ademeit has a great passion for taking portraits of zoo animals during more than 30 years. “Only a few photographers use the photography of animals in zoos as an art form. I think this is a missed opportunity… With my pictures I would like to move the photography of these animals in the focus of the art photography and show photos which are not purely documentary “documentary” – says Ademeit. Bringing all the spectrum of animals‘ emotions from every grimace, ferocious roar, tender kiss, and twinkle of the eye yet he calls himself a hobbyist. Ademeit’s art is simply amazing, full of personality and natural beauty.

10 Amazing Pictures from the “Masters of Nature Photography” Book

On September 5, 2013  The Natural History Museum will publish ”The Masters of Nature Photography” book. These are 10 shots made by the past winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition which is run by the Natural History Museum and BBC Worldwide. Enjoy the breathtaking images of extraordinary nature from around the globe along with the incredible stories of how the photography was made.  1. Jim Brandenburg, North Dakota, USA, 1975 It was windy on that North Dakota prairie, so windy that it was unnerving. It was also midday, and knowing that the light isn’t good at that time, I… Read more »

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