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The ABC of Architects

The ABC Of Architects is an animated video featuring an alphabetical list of the most notorious architects and a major project they’ve done. Performed by Federico Gonzalez on a concept by Andrea Stinga, this simple and successful creation can quickly reveal the biggest names in architecture. Watch the cool animation:

Minimalist Posters of Pixar Movies by Wonchan Lee

As a tribute to Pixar animation studios and their beloved movies, Australian designer Wonchan Lee created this amazing set of minimalist posters featuring most of their iconic films. He described: “Pixar movies are everyone’s favorite. Hoping it will continue to make the world a better place. I’m pleased to dedicate these artworks to Pixar as one of the biggest fans.”

What Happens in Bookstores at Night [VIDEO]

Sean Ohlenkamp and wife Lisa, after organizing their own bookshelf at home, they re-gathered their efforts for Type Bookstore in Toronto, Canada. They spent sleepless nights of animating books with a crew of over 20 people. The creation resulted in Joy of Books, with music produced especially for the short film by Grayson Matthews. The animation is definitely the perfect marketing for the Canadian bookshop. Watch the Video:   [Via Metafilter, Colossal]

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