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The World’s Most Expensive One-Bedroom Apartment!

When you hear 1-bedroom apartment, you mostly relate it to being economic, on a tight budget, or single. Well, this is not the case here. This elite crib – the House – is a 411.932 sq m (4,434 square foot) 1-Bedroom apartment, listed at a whopping 1.8 billion yen ($21.8 million USD) in the exclusive and most expensive neighborhood Minami-Azabu of Tokyo, Japan. Priced at an unbelievable $4,920.75 per square foot, the apartment is considered the world most expensive, and here’s why: Almost all furniture in the home is custom designed by Cecotti Collezioni Many of the walls, flooring and doors are Italian imported stone and wood… Read more »

Colorful “Lofts Yungay II” by Rearquitectura

Colorful Lofts Yungay II designed by Chilean firm, Rearquitectura, in Valparaíso, Chile. Built to match the slopes of the terrain and the nature of the seaside location through bright daytime colors, The apartments get beautiful views of the ocean can be admired from within.

An All-White Loft Apartment in Moldova by Grosu Art Studio

Moldova, a wonderful place to live, mainly because of its long mild-and-sunny climate. Typically, the region will have a continental type of climate throughout the year. Long warm summers and mild dry winters are a landmark of this small landlocked nation.  Grosu Art Studio, based in Chisinau – the capital city of Moldova – has designed the ‘All-White Loft Apartment’, located also in Chisinau. The interior of the apartment imparts aesthetics as well as a contemporary outlook altogether. Right from the entrance, you would be invited by a sequence of bright colored paintings, and this seems to be most distinguishable trait of… Read more »

Susie Hoffmann’s Funky Loft in Bozeman, Montana

Interior designer Susie Hoffmann of Envi Design, revived an old 1930s flour mill near downtown Bozeman, Montana into a beautiful loft. By intelligently transforming the modest 90 sq. meters (1,000 sq. feet) former office space, which occupies the building’s top floor, to seamlessly incorporate a kitchen, dining and living rooms, office and a guest corner into one space.

A Shoe-box Studio Apartment with 24 Rooms [VIDEO]

Award-winning Hong Kong architect Gary Chang has managed to fit 24 rooms in his 32 sq meter(344 sq feet) apartment studio, including a spa and home cinema transforming it into a Swiss army knife-style home. He added to his flat a series of accordion-like sliding walls on metal tracks fixed to the ceiling, movable smart walls which allowed him to easily transform the space available into a variety of spaces carrying different functions, the partitions conceal a wall-mounted TV,  drawers for clothes, shelves for toiletries, racks for CDs and DVDs, a hidden queen size master-bed, a fold-down guest bedroom. Moving a series of walls also… Read more »

New York by Gehry

Frank O Gehry, the 82 year old Canadian-American architect, doesn’t look like he’s planning to retire anytime soon. This time he stuns the world with his magnificent “8 Spruce St.” Residential Tower, named “New York by Gehry“. At  265 meters (870 feet) high it joins the iconic Manhattan skyline as the 8th highest tower in New York and the highest residential tower in the Americas. The building’s exterior is covered with twirly stainless steel sheets looking like a fabric, that reflect a glare of changing light giving the “8 Spruce St.” tower different appearances throughout the day, it also contains opening for… Read more »

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