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CarPlay – Apple’s Next Strike of Domination

In 2007, when Apple revealed the new iPhone, it was a game changer, something that got all the other market players to rethink their technologies. Just as some of the other competitors are starting to significantly catch up, Apple is about to hit another jackpot. Meet ‘CarPlay’, the tech giant’s next move to dominate your car’s living room. CarPlay is an integrated info-tainment iOS interface for your iPhone built-in your car’s dashboard. It features Siri voice control and is specially designed for driving scenarios. It also works with your car’s controls — knobs, buttons, or touchscreen. And the apps you want to use… Read more »

Photorealistic Finger Painting of Morgan Freeman

This artpiece will leave you speechlees. UK-based visual artist Kyle Lambert created an amazing finger painting of Morgan Freeman using the Procreate app on an iPad Air. It took him around 285,000 brush strokes and over 200 hours to come with this hyperrealistic (really want to say photo) drawing. Originally an oil painter/illustrator, Lambert became a pro in digital art as he makes illustrations for tv, advertising, film industry. “One of the big reasons I decided to do this painting was to inspire other budding artists to embrace digital art. A friend of mine who is a school teacher explained to me recently that whenever he… Read more »

Berlin’s Street Art Ridicules the new iPhone’s Touch Sensor

This humorous street art surfaced sometime towards the end of September in Berlin, by Germany-based artist Urben. The comic takes a ridiculing stab at Apple‘s new flagship phone, the iPhone 5S, with its new touch sensor. The feature is been getting plenty of criticism since release, questioning privacy and government surveillance rumors. The phone can still unlock with the classic pass-code feature, in case the situation in the comic becomes a reality, you’d still be able to unlock the phone and call an ambulance!

Amazing Finger Paintings on the iPad by Seikou Yamaoka

Morning commute to work is usually a waste of time with a cup of coffee or other beverage, newspaper, book or music on the way. Not for Seikou Yamaoka. Japanese artist is using the transportation time to his office wisely. Having just an iPad or an iPhone in his hands, Yamaoka creates an amazing art. You would never be able to say that the only tools he uses are ArtStudio app and his finger. His complex paintings look like there were done with oil or acrylic, not just Apple device. Zooming in and out, working on each tiny detail Yamaoka even made… Read more »

iPhonography Taken to the Professional Contest Level

iPhone Photography Awards™ (IPPAWARDS) – the first and the longest running iPhone photography competition since 2007 when the first iPhone appeared. According to the contest rules all photos have to be taken with an iPhone or iPod and are not allowed to be edited with any programs like Photoshop, though they can be slightly adjusted with iPhone apps such as Hipstamatic or Camerabag. This year the judges had a real challenge of picking up the winners; they had to go through thousands of entries from 38 countries. The results were simply astonishing. First place: Holly Wesley, Argyll, Scotland   Second place:… Read more »

Build Your iPhone 5 Case by Lego x Belkin

Never too old for LEGO – that’s the main idea of the new “builder case” for iPhone 5 produced by LEGO and Belkin. Scratch-resistant and semi-flexible outer frame along with molded back allows to accommodate a large variety of LEGO blocks. The playful twist opens up a vast spectrum of personalizing options. Bring your childhood back into your life!  “At LEGO® we strive to build imagination into everyday life and the partnership with Belkin allows us to do that: offering a functional product that also serves as a stage for expression for anyone embracing a mobile lifestyle,” said Jørgen Vig Knudstorp,… Read more »

Norman Foster’s Tribute to Steve Jobs

Today Lord Norman Foster issued a tribute to Steve Jobs , who passed away yesterday at the age of 56, after losing the battle against pancreatic cancer. Foster + Partners is working on the new Apple Campus in Cupertino, California, scheduled to be completed in 2015. 06/10/2011: Tribute to Steve Jobs 1955-2011 With my colleagues I would like to pay tribute to Steve Jobs. Like so many millions our lives have been profoundly and positively influenced by the innovations pioneered by Steve and Apple, names which are inseparable. We were greatly privileged to know Steve as a person, as a friend and in every… Read more »

In Memory of Steve Jobs: The Apple Inc. Product Timeline

The Silicon Valley icon, a magnificent man, has left our world today, after becoming the most successful and innovative businessman of his era. Steve Jobs is the man that co-founded Apple Computers from a silicon valley garage in 1976 along with Steve Wozniak, his vision through out the Apple product lines started with an aim of bringing the personal computers to the masses and arriving to products like the iPhone and iPad that changes people’s lives. Time after time, he sold people on a product they didn’t know they needed until he invented it, along with the expertise of the perfect… Read more »

The New APPLE Campus by Foster + Partners
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