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88 Still Images of the Same Building in Munich by Víctor Enrich

Víctor Enrich, architecture photographer from Barcelona, recently finished his new project called NHDK, exploring his own capacity to transform the anodyne tower of the NH Deutscher Kaiser hotel in Munich, Germany in as many ways as possible. He ended up with 88 digitally modified images, as he is also a piano player and piano has 88 keys. The project took Enrich 6 month until it was complitely done. “The main core of my work relies on 3D software in order to recreate a scene that I previously shot with my camera. I would say that I steal the geometry of a place via… Read more »

10 Breathtaking Images of Mirrored Skylines

Dallas, Texas by Jeffrey Rolinc Presenting the unique character of cities with waterfronts, we put together this post featuring 10 images of cities skylines reflected on a water surface. The shape defining the urban landscape reflected on nature’s mirror is just magnificent. These images were taken by different photographers, and according to the source, non of the photos has been digitally manipulated, and are all just taken with a camera and a tripod to maintain the still capture. Dokkum, The Netherlands by Bas Meelker   Dresden, Germany by Manuel Irritier   Singapore cityscape by WK Cheoh SEE ALSO: The Lion City Timelapse – Singapore   Seattle,… Read more »

When Architecture Meets Photography

Jakub Malicki, born in Oswiecim, Poland and currently living in London. He has been doing photography for a few years but it is still in a learning process – as her describes. In his architecture photos he’s always on the look for geometry, shapes, lines and sometimes colors, which can nicely fill his picture’s composition. For more of his work make sure to check out his 500px profile. [Via ArtPics on Facebook]

Islamic Cairo – Episode IV: A Glimpse Inside Sultan Al-Zahir Barqouq Mosque

Egypt-based photographer Ahmad Ghonaim, previously featured on our blog through his “Islamic Cairo” photo shoots, has sent us his latest image gallery of Sultan Al-Zahir Barqouq Mosque located in Al-Moez Li-Din Allah Street, Old Cairo, Egypt. The facility was built in the Mamluk dynasty, between the years 1384 and 1386, and designed by architect Shihab al Din Ahmad ibn Muhammad al Tuluni. The Mosque is a complete educational complex, comprising a funerary hall and a school, along with the praying hall. This complex demonstrates a then-newly developed architectural style, with its marble paneling, bronze-plate doors, molded stone ornament, and elaborately worked minaret,… Read more »

Stunning Architecture Photography – Episode I

Architecture is a vast subject, endorsing everything from skyscrapers to kiosks. Virtually everywhere we go, we are surrounded by some sort of architecture on a daily basis. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that architecture is such a popular subject in photography. Related Images:

Night Time Spain Architectural Heritage in HDR

A pleasant set of photos of architectural icons of Spain’s heritage, taken by photographer marcp_dmoz. Pictures have been processed afterwards to generate HDR (high dynamic range) images, making them look like real life paintings.  These are a few examples of Marc’s photos showing his talented eye in snapping Spanish architecture: [Photography Copyrights marcp_dmoz] Related Images:

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