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The Evolution of The Batman logo:1940-2012

This cool infographic timeline covers 72 years (1940-2012) and shows different version of Mr. Wayne’s logo. The Evolution of Batman poster designed by Cathryn Lavery from Calm the Ham is a visual history of the Batman symbol over the years.  This is probably the most consumer logo that has changed this much, yet remains a very powerful and recognizable brand. Cathryn Lavery also mentions this 2008 video from Rodrigo Alejandro Rojas Sandoval as being the first one that attempted to document this evolution: Thanks to DC Comics for creating this cultural icon that we can all obsess over, all Batman logos belong to them.

What if Superheroes Were Sponsored?!

Imagine if one day capitalism reaches the point, where the big brands starts to sponsor the superheroes. How would this influence their images? Based on this hypothesis, Milan-based art director Roberto Vergati Santos decided to experiment with some characters, and see what would be the results of such idea. Make sure to check out the full gallery on the artist’s Behance page. [Via Behance]

Superhero Credit Cards by Money Supermarket

If you ever wondered what a superhero credit card might look like, Money Supermarket – the makers of  “The cost of being Batman infographic” – has created a selection of fictional crime fighting credit cards designs that you’ll just want to have. Take a look below…

Superhero Frozen Popsicles

Dutch-based designer Chung Kong has merged his two favorite things in the world together: Ice Pops and Superheros, within an illustrative set entitled Superhero Ice Pops Universe. In his poster series, some of our favorite superheroes, such as Iron Man, Batman, Hellboy, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman, are imagined as frozen lollies. I can only think of one thing now, how would each one of them uniquely taste?! You can buy these superhero lolly prints here.

It Would Cost You $680 Million to Become a Real Batman! Find Out Why

If you’ve ever wished as a kid to become Batman, this actually isn’t easy as the price tag on turning you into the caped knight is quite hefty. Just days after the premiere of the cap of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, moneysupermarket.com has created this interesting infographic, listing the price of everything needed for the role, from the periscope to his butler Alfred’s salary, take a look and start saving up…

Awesome 3D Street Art of The Dark Knight Rises in Madrid

The new Batman movie,  Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises – The Legend Ends“ opens Friday, 20 July 2012 in the US and UK, and in efforts to promote the film, this awesome 3D street art has been unveiled in Madrid, Spain. If you’ve enjoyed previous 3D street art posts here, than this one is definitely a treat for you. Now lets sit back and watch Warner Brother impress us with what’s expected to be an epic Dark Knight movie and the cap of Nolan’s trilogy. 

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