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CarPlay – Apple’s Next Strike of Domination

In 2007, when Apple revealed the new iPhone, it was a game changer, something that got all the other market players to rethink their technologies. Just as some of the other competitors are starting to significantly catch up, Apple is about to hit another jackpot. Meet ‘CarPlay’, the tech giant’s next move to dominate your car’s living room. CarPlay is an integrated info-tainment iOS interface for your iPhone built-in your car’s dashboard. It features Siri voice control and is specially designed for driving scenarios. It also works with your car’s controls — knobs, buttons, or touchscreen. And the apps you want to use… Read more »

Self-Driving Pods to be Installed Near London

Not only the cars are about to start flying, the public transit is about to become fully automated sooner than we can expect. Milton Keynes, a small city north of London is about to install 100 pods that will connect downtown, train station, and different offices. Project’s estimated cost is  £65million/$104 million.  It will get started in 2015 and is expected to be totally completed by 2017. ULTra Personal Electric Transportation Pods move along at 12 mph, capable to carry up to 4 passengers along with personal luggage.  Anyone can call the pod to theirs location via a smartphone app just for £2 ($3,19) fee. Same… Read more »

Aeromobil Flying Car Takes Off for the First Time

Aeromobil Version 2.5 is a “road-able aircraft” by Slovakian lead designer Stefan Klein, who spent last 20 years developing his dream. The extremely lightweight vehicle (only 450 kg – 992 lbs) has a steel tube frame structure with a carbon fiber composite shell  – like in race cars. The dimensions with closed wings are 1.6 meters width by 6 meters length (5.4 by 19.6 feet). While on the ground Aeromobil can speed up around and more than 160 km/h (100 mph), in the sky – 200 km/h (124 mph). “In terms of automobile configuration, it fits to a standard parking space, its engine enables it to tank… Read more »

Retro Life-Like Images with Toy Cars and Forced Perspective

Model maker and photographer Michael Paul Smith has a 25 year experience in handcrafting scale models. Using forced perspective the artist brings them to life in his imaginary town called  Elgin Park.  “My project Elgin Park came about from a need to put my 300 diecast model car collection into some sort of physical context. Even though they looked interesting lined up my shelves, all they did was sit there.” – says Smith. – “It occurred to me I could construct a 1/24th scale building to showcase the cars. Starting with a gas station, because it’s something universally connected with cars and trucks, it was… Read more »

Bizarre Indoor Camping at the Basecamp Bonn Young Hostel

Basecamp Bonn Young Hostel was opened by hotelier  Michael Schloesser in a former warehouse in Bonn, Germany. The indoor campsite occupies 1600 square meters and consists of 15 vintage camping caravans, two night sleepers, and two Airstreams. Each RV was playfully renovated and has its own theme. Due to size and sleeping capacity prices varies from $32 to $101 per night, according to Yahoo. The hostel was opened just a month ago in August but already got some great reviews online. Looks like Bonn got itself a new touristic attraction!

Ryno Motors Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

Right out of Portland, Oregon, comes this sporty self-balancing electric unicycle named RYNO. It has a top speed of 25 mph, can go up to 30 miles in between charges, and has a max capacity of 250 lbs. Its estimated retail price will be about $4,500. Production begins in January 2013. The Eco-friendly RYNO is poised to create real fundamental change. Since you can take it on the train in the suburbs, get off downtown and quietly ride it all around, city planners will finally have a product that will allow urban centers to clear out automobile free zones and get… Read more »

Top 10 Landmark BMW Models Photographed by Erik Chmil

BMW Group has teamed up with LUMAS for a memorable project rolling out the fascinating history of some of the Bavarian Motor Works’ most impressive and exciting models. An exclusive series of ten cars, each a landmark in the history of contemporary automobile design and a reflection of its time, have been brilliantly shot by Erik Chmil, an automobile photographer. He has captured their shape, beauty, and character from a distinctive perspectives. If you’re interested in purchasing prints in different sizes of the above posters, head on to LUMAS website. [© Erik Chmil, BMW Edition, www.lumas.com] [Via LUMAS]

Lamborghini plans to Invade the SUV World with URUS

We’ve seen Porsche do it with their very successful Cayenne, now Lamborghini is joining the club of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). Just hours ago renders started leaking online of the new Lamborghini SUV named URUS. The vehicle will officially be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show in China just days from now. It is considered to be Lamborghini’s bid to to cash in its shares in the post profitable auto market sector of SUVs. Auto Blog reports that the URUS is expected to share its platform with the next-generation Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and upcoming Bentley SUV, but is tipped to be about 100 kg (220 pounds) lighter than all of… Read more »

The Exotic New Lamborghini Aventador J with No Windshield, Announced in Geneva’s 2012 Motor Show

A fully functional one-of-a-kind piece-of-art on wheels, the Lamborghini Aventador J,  just announced this month in the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, is a radically open automobile – exterior and interior meld into each other. Resembling a a concept of a 2 seaters motorcycle, the designers and engineers in Sant’Agata Bolognese have not only dispensed entirely with the roof, but also with the front windshield. This requires that drivers of the Aventador J must have the right equipment for driving at top speeds higher than 300 Km/h. Powered by the same 700-hp 6.5-liter 12-cylinder as the standard Aventador, the all-wheel-drive J is… Read more »

Electrifying Mercedes-Benz SF1 Concept by Steel Drake

Graphic designer Steel Drake has undeniably generated quite a buzz on the Internet with his mind-blowing Mercedes-Benz SF 1 concept. The sharp but sleek angles of this classy concept, which looks like it could be straight out of a Transformers movie, will have gear heads everywhere drooling. A redesigned logo which to me is a step in the right direction, while maintaining the Mercedes-Benz character, the car also combines the good looks from the classics which is clear through the front vent and overall sharp look. Angular front and rear lights accentuate the flow of the sharp lines formed from front to back. Large rectangular and triangular… Read more »

BMW 328 Hommage: The Dream Sports Car of the 1930s is Reborn

Ever thought about your dream sports car? Imagining yourself driving it down a 2-lane cliff road on the seaside at sunset, thinking of the sound of its motor and exhausts, the powerful acceleration it would acquire, and surely its design lines and how sexy it would be.  Well, a car that satisfies a guys wildest imagination, was just revealed, the new BMW 328 Hommage . The car celebrates the 75th anniversary of the first Hommage that came out in the 1930s, and was considered as a successful leap into the future, due to its design.  The BMW 328 Hommage is specially crafted to… Read more »

The Plug-In Prius Coming in 2012
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