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Outstanding Details of Melted Porcelain Sculptures

Nomad Patterns is a series of sculptures by London-based artist from Chile Livia Marin. Her outstanding work discovers other quality of porcelain nature. Marin melts different kitchen ware – kettles, cups, plates, so on – and keeps the traditional Chinese paintings of pagodas, willows and birds  perfectly floating in the porcelain puddles. “By appropriating mass-market objects I seek to offer through the work a reflection on how we particularize our relation to them. I reflect on how, in a secular and materialist society, identities are increasingly designated through the material tokens derived from consumerism. Central to the intervention deployed in my work is… Read more »

Learn Chinese the Easy Creative Way

Learning a new language can be hard. What if the new language is Chinese? Already sounds impossible. Not any more! Chinese-language teacher Shao Lan from London, England developed Chineasy – a method of modifying each Chinese character or phrase into visual illustrations. The graphical images are fun and easy to remember. Having fun while learning will definitely result into stronger knowledge.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival 2014

The 30th Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival was officially opened on January 5th in Harbin, located in the north-east of China. It’s now one of the world’s biggest snow and ice festivals and one of the most popular winter destinations in China. For one month icy wonderland will be filled with winter themed attractions, 240-meter-long ice slide,  gigantic spectacular sculptures like replicas of Colosseum and Empire State Building made of ice blocks from the frozen Songhua River and illuminated with colorful LED lights. 500,000 square meter space packed with all kinds of winter fun, could it be more exciting!

Friends in Real Life – Man Opens Iconic Sitcom Central Perk Cafe in Beijing

If you were a fan of the hugely popular sitcom Friends, you surely remember their favorite meeting place, the Central Perk Cafe. Tired of just seeing the characters experience the coziness of that soft orange couch, one Chinese fan decided to create his own Friends cafe, in Beijing, China. Like so many of us, Du Xin loved Friends. “I’m crazy about Friends. For me, it’s like a religion. It’s my life,” he told NPR. After watching the show, he started searching around Beijing for a place where he could actually sit on an orange couch just like the one his favorite heroes relaxed on in… Read more »

Vertical Expansion

Tonight’s Picture of the Day comes from the rising Chinese commercial hub, Shanghai, taken by photographer Toffiloff using  a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the image photographs downtown Shanghai in a monochrome tone that delivers a feeling of comfort and calmness to a relitavely hyperactive city. It was snapped from the top of the World Financial Center (492.0 meters – The 4th tallest tower in the world) looking down at the rest of the Pudong peninsula including the Jin Mao Tower (421 meters – The 9th tallest tower in the world) and the Yangtze River. Fantastic shot! [Photographer’s Flickr profile]

Chinese Architect Wang Shu Wins Pritzker Prize for 2012

Chinese architect Wang Shu (48 years old) of Amateur Architecture Studio in Hangzhou is the 2012 Pritkzer Prize laureate. The prize organisers have confirmed the news after details were leaked ahead of schedule. Jury Chair Lord Palumbo, stated, “Wang Shu’s oeuvre, seen in depth by the jurors during a visit to China, left no doubt that we were witnessing the work of a master; and a unanimous decision to award him the Pritzker Prize for 2012 is one that we feel places him at the same high level of distinction as the other Chinese architect to receive the award, I M Pei.” Here’s the full jury citation: Jury Citation 2012… Read more »

House of The Tree at Shenzhen, China

House of the Tree,  a penthouse that is quite the dream home anyone can wish for, located at the 48th and 49th floor of a high-end residential tower in Shenzhen, China. Designed by Kokai studios with the concept of “living between the city and the nature” offering a modern lifestyle with elegance and comfort. By enclosing a small portion of outdoor terrace into a glass pavilion in the center of the penthouse, Kokai studios created the new core of the apartment in an impressive double height atrium with the opportunity to bath by the natural light. Kokai studios have a deep… Read more »

MADE IN CHINA: 200 Workers Erect 30 Storey Prefabricated Hotel in 15 Days [VIDEO]

Yet another stunning Chinese achievement here before us. Who would believe that anyone anywhere could erect a 30 storey tower, made totally of prefabricated materials, in just around 15 days! Well, its true; Broad Sustainable Building, a subsidiary of the BroadGroup construction company, has broken their previous record of constructing a 15 storey building in one week with their latest project in Hunan Province. The 17,000 square meter tower is designed 5 times more energy efficient than the competition and generates a fraction of the waste. It is also said to have the capacity to withstand an earthquake that measures up to 9 on… Read more »

Skywalk in Tianmen Mountain, China

The Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, China is famous, not only for The Avenue Toward Heaven –  one of the world scariest roads, but also for the glass Skywalk. This attraction is doubtless for the brave hearted as not everyone is ready to enjoy the  scenery and observe the absence of solid ground under their feet even further than his eye could see.  

The Avenue Towards Heaven

The Avenue Toward Heaven in Tianmen Mountain, in the Hunan province of China, also known as the Big Gate Road, is one of the world’s scariest roads. Starting from 200 meters below it reaches 1300 meters above sea level. The road goes south of Zhangjiajie City and climbs up the Tianmen Mountain; on the way it makes 99 turns as 9 is considered a lucky number in China. The construction of the breathtaking road started in 1998 and took eight years to complete, nowadays it’s one of the most overwhelming areas in Hunan. For the ones who are not interested… Read more »

The World’s Biggest Barbie House in Shanghai, China is now CLOSED [PHOTOS]

Not all marketing moves are bringing the profit and development companies expect. Sometimes the company strategy could appear too outrageous for the new target. In March 2009 one of the world’s largest toy producers – Mattel Inc. (MAT) – opened the world’s first Barbie flagship store in Shanghai, China.  The opening was dedicated to 50 years anniversary of the world’s most-loved doll. The store, designed by New York’s agency Slide Architecture, consisted of 6 levels covering 3,500 square meters (37,700 square foot) with the world’s largest collection of Barbie dolls and connected products, along with other services and activities such as women’s… Read more »

Shanghai’s BUND Colors Tunnel, Designed by the High for the High

The Bund sightseeing tunnel, a bizarre kinda of entertainment coming out of Shanghai, China. A tunnel that crosses the river connecting the north side of Chen Yi Square at the Bund and the Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower at Pudong. The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel has a total length of 646.7 meter and is China’s first cross-river artificial sightseeing tunnel. Modern high technologies are applied in the decoration of the interior walls of the tunnel, providing the passengers with background music accompanied with laser light-beam visualizations, as well as pictures, patterns and views about people, history, culture, science and technology and… Read more »

Beijing’s Olympic Pool transformed to A Wacky Water Park
Concrete Slit House

Concrete Slit House is a contemporary concrete residence that gives a good example to the definition of architectural minimalism, the structure and roof of the slit house are casted and fair-face finished entirely from concrete. Designed by AZL architects the 270 square meters residence, in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, is designed with various levels on the inside, creating rooms with ceiling heights extending one and a half levels and the reception/living area at two levels high, along with the slit (opening) in the concrete shell of the house, it gives a high sense of transparency that responds to the interior circulation. Here… Read more »

The World’s 4th Tallest Tower – Wuhan, China

Another Chinese architectural giant is emerging on the scene. On Tuesday 21st of June, the Wuhan Greenland center tower, was announced to be the Landmark of the city of Wuhan in central China, potentially transiting the city from a regional center to an international one. Upon completion the tower would be the 4th tallest structure in the world at 606 m, 119 stories high, dwarfed only by the likes of the Shanghai Tower -scheduled for completion in 2014- at 632 meters high,  and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower at 828 m high. American firm Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture, the winner of… Read more »

JEANS – Fashion VS. Environment

JEANS are trousers made from denim. Some of the earliest American blue jeans were made by Jacob Davis, Calvin Rogers, and Levi Strauss in 1873. Starting in the 1950s, jeans, originally designed for working people, became popular among teenagers. The word “jeans” comes from the French phrase bleu de Gênes, literally the blue of Genoa. Jeans fabric, or denim, originated independently in two places; The French town of Nîmes, from which ‘denim’ (de Nîmes) gets its name, and From Dongari Killa in India, from which the name dungarees was derived. Denim trousers were made in Chieri, a town near Turin, Italy, during the Renaissance and were popularized in the 19th century. These trousers were sold through the harbor… Read more »

Comic and Animation Museum – Hangzhou, China

We’ve been mentioning China a few times so far since our start and we still didn’t get enough! Featuring another magnificent structure scheduled for construction in 2012, the China Comic and Animation Museum in Hangzhou, China. Dutch studio MVRDV – the winner of museum’s international design competition – quoted: “(Rotterdam, 5th May 2011) Hangzhou urban planning bureau has announced MVRDV winner of the international design competition for the China Comic and Animation Museum (CCAM) in Hangzhou, China. MVRDV won with a design referring to the speech balloon: a series of eight speech balloon shaped volumes create an internally complex museum experience of in total… Read more »

Oriental Art Center – Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China, a rising mega city that have attracted the architectural spot light for the past decade, with dream designs brought to reality, and a symbolic message sent out showing off a mighty city in a mighty country.  Today we feature one of the iconic buildings of amazing Shanghai, The Oriental Art Center. Designed by Paris’s Paul Andreu, he formed a beautiful 7 levels-giant flower covered by a cantilevered roof, enclosing 3 auditorium halls [philharmonic orchestra hall (1979 seats), a lyric theater (1054 seats) and a chamber music hall (330 seats)].  It also houses public facilities such as an exhibition hall, music shops,… Read more »

China’s Underwater Train

China completes construction of world’s fastest underwater railway tunnel The Construction of China’s first underwater railway tunnel has been recently completed in southern China, which allows trains to operate at the world’s top speed under the water. The project, or the Shiziyang Tunnel, crosses the Pearl River estuary in south China’s Guangdong Province with a length of 10.8 kilometers. It is designed for trains travelling at 350 kilometers per hour, the highest of all underwater tunnels worldwide.  The 10.8-kilometers tunnel, which is also the country’s longest, is a key part of a 140-kilometer high-speed rail link that connects Guangzhou, the… Read more »

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