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Impressive Leather Art by Mark Evans

Mark Evans has an amazing talent in “micro-sculpting” leather. Growing up on a farm in Welsh mountains he was given his first carving knife at the age of seven. Later on after graduating from fine arts in London, Mark was exploring different styles and one time a chance helped him to decide. Cleaning a blood stain from his new leather jacket and getting it scratched instead made Evans notice the beauty of his mistake and an open space for creativity as well. “It’s micro sculpture within a tenth of a millimeter, and I’m an obsessive perfectionist about it. Full blown OCD…. Read more »

Date Stamp Paintings by Federico Pietrella

Italian artist Federico Pietrella gave a different, contemporary meaning to a classic stamp. He recreates photographs of simple objects with it. Each artwork takes about 1-2 months till it’s totally complete, which is documented by the date of stamping. The artist picked this style 15 years ago and totally satisfied with it, as he sells each0f his artpiece for around 20,000 euros. 

Recycled Art by Jane Perkins

UK-based artist Jane Perkins obtains her inspiration in found objects. She uses anything from toys, shells, buttons, beads, jewelry etc. as media for her re-interpreted contemporary art. Perkins states that she doesn’t add any color, her work comes out of spontaneously placed small pieces of right size and shape. Inspired by impressionism, artist achieved a mesmerizing effect in her creations. Her work keeps your eyes attached from a distance view and a close-up as well. So many interesting small pieces perfectly stand into masterpieces, breathtaking!

Outside the Lines – Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations

More than 100 illustrators, cartoonists and street artists collaborated together under one project called Outside the lines. The book is a compilation of incredibly creative coloring pages for all ages. But, I guess, the ones who are into contemporary art, will appreciate it more. Curator of the project Souris Hong-Porretta spent around 3 years on accomplishing the final copy.  The result is brilliant. Going through few examples below will really itch your hands to color them!

Wright House by Elmo Swart Architects in Durban, South Africa

A stunning modern attachment to a traditional hut-home in Durban, South Africa by Elmo Swart Architects. The contemporary addition on the old thatched-roof home is quite a contrast to the original design.  The smooth, angled curves of the exterior shape echo the original, and natural accents are added to make the transition from old to new more visually balanced.

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