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Promoting Art Studies in An Unusual Way – Anti-Drug PSAs Parody

This can be considered the most unique way to attract students to a certain subject of study. The College for Creative Studies teamed up with advertising firm Team Detroit and came up with a smart ad concept to attract students to their art courses. Instead of going the regular way and bragging about their courses, they decided to use reverse psychology. The posters parody the famous PSA anti-drug ads from the 80′s and disclose supposedly harmful effects of art studies.

Share a Coke – Coca Cola’s Genius Marketing Campaign in Australia

Coca Cola came up with one of their best marketing campaigns in their marketing history. After a study that stated that 50% of Australians haven’t tasted a Coke during a given month, the company decided that its time to reconnect with the public and remind the people of their favorite soft drink, and they’ve done it brilliantly. The company picked 150 of the most popular names in Australia and printed a unique name on each Coke bottle, urging user to “Share a Coke” with a special someone. The move grabbed immense attention and triggered sales like never before, booming the company’s profits and regaining its proper… Read more »

Brilliant Advertising: Drama on a Flemish Square by TNT Belgium

Don’t you love it when brands actually listen to their creative agencies and go with an idea totally out of the box. Here on a quiet Flemish square in a quiet Flemish town on a calm square where nothing much really happens, TNT launched a reality ad campaign to introduce their new TV channel in Belgium. Watch and see what happens when someone presses the Red Button:

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