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New Photos Surface for ‘The Pearl’ Island-City in Qatar

The dream island master-plan that was unveiled in February 2008 is starting to shine out as a reality off the coast of Doha, Qatar. The Pearl, designed by Callison architecture firm, is the new island-city that covers nearly 1,000 acres in the Arabian Gulf near the Qatari capital, a multi-billion-dollar venture that will house some 30,000 people within the next few years.  It is the rare architectural project that requires two three-ton trucks to deliver plans. The island is developed by United Development Company (UDC), as Qatar’s biggest real estate project, the country’s economy is booming; investor interest was so strong during… Read more »

The Parallel Valley of Egypt

Egypt’s population is estimated to be a staggering 85 million inhabitants and is mostly concentrated in and around the valley of the Nile River, using up 5.5 % of Egypt’s one million sq.km area (the size of Texas and California together, twice the size of Spain, & 4 times the size of the UK). The other 94.5% of the area is simply untouched desert. In efforts to make use of Egypt’s untouched land, several projects have surfaced with various solutions on how to urbanize Egypt’s desert. One of these promising projects comes from Egypt’s scientist and the Director of the… Read more »

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