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Dubai Comes to Life Through A Mindblowing Timelapse

  Dubai is one of the world’s most fast-growing futuristic cities. In less than 20 years, Dubai has become visually striking, an architect’s wonderland, where dreams on paper were given a chance to shine in reality. This timelapse video takes us on a stunning trip through its streets, waterways and skyscrapers. Created by Belarusian photographer and travel enthusiast Dima dimid Vazhnik, the clip deservedly become a hit online in less than one week of posting, with more than 100,000 views. Check it out for yourself, then let us know what you think in the comments. SEE ALSO: Dubai’s Fog makes a Skyscraper City in the Clouds… Read more »

Dubai expatriate wins National Geographic Abu Dhabi photography competition

Amri Arfianto, the Dubai native photographer, captured a dazzling image of Dubai‘s urban-scape that came in at first place in the Life in motion photography competition, organised by National geographic Abu Dhabi. The first place winner will get his photograph printed in National Geographic Al Arabiya Magazine in addition to photography equipment worth US$5000.

Dubai’s Fog makes a Skyscraper City in the Clouds

Over the past decade, Dubai‘s Skyline has quickly developed to be one of the most iconic in the world, featuring the highest skyscraper on the planet, the Burj Khalifa at 828 meters (2700 feet) high.  Twice a year, the city gets a thick layer of fog, in March and September, during season change. The moisture in the morning cools and the fog start to appear with the towers of the city penetrating the carpet of fog. British developer Ian Powell, from Brighton, has been able to use his work site visits to take amazing pictures of the skyline over the last eight years as… Read more »

Meet The Most Expensive Hotel Room in History

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, UAE The Burj Al-Arab hotel, stands off the coast of Dubai on a man-made island specially for it, it is the world’s most luxurious hotel, ranking itself as the only 7-star hotel worldwide. And it makes total common sense that the most expensive hotel room in the world would be in it. The Royal Suite at the Burj Al-Arab hotel is an outstanding 780 sq. meters villa. It sports 2 master bedrooms a reception salon, dinning room, a private cinema and spa, it even has its own internal elevator between different levels of the suite…. Read more »

Breathtaking Skydive over The Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai [VIDEO]

Skydiving over Dubai has recently become trendy in the world of extreme sports. With elite skydivers pushing the limits and boundaries of physics, equipped with cutting edge wing-suits that slows free-fall speeds, along with small aerodynamic parachutes to help accelerate their pilots’ descent speeds without compromising safety.

First Images of the World’s NEW Tallest building -Jeddah

Today AS+GG Design Firm in Chicago, announced that they will be designing The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to be the tallest in the world. At over 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) and a total construction area of 530,000 square meters (5.7 million square feet), Kingdom Tower will be the centerpiece and first construction phase of the $20 billion Kingdom water-front City development in Jeddah, near the Red Sea. It will surpass Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (800 meters) by at least 173 meters. Expected to cost $1.2 billion to construct, Kingdom Tower will be a mixed-use building featuring a luxury hotel, office space, serviced apartments, luxury condominiums and… Read more »

World’s Highest Tennis Court at Burj Al Arab, Dubai

The world’s highest Tennis court stands atop the fourth highest and the only 7 stars hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The tennis court is circular in shape ,and also doubles as a helipad, hovering 1000 feet above the Arabian gulf. In preparation for the Dubai Duty Free Men’s Open, On February 22, 2005, the Burj al Arab hosted Andre Agassi and Roger Federer to play a match on their helipad tennis court before heading to the $1 million championship. The tennis legends couldn’t resist the temptation to have a friendly ‘hit’ on the world’s most unique tennis court. Burj Al Arab is the world’s most luxurious… Read more »

The Super Bus – from Holland to UAE [VIDEO]

Yes, it’s not a train and its not a bus, its a Super Bus. A high-speed, Eco-friendly, state of the art motor vehicle, designed for public transport, offering luxury and ease to business commuters and tourists. The electric-powered cross-over between a race bus and a limousine is being developed at the Delft University of Technology in Holland under the direction of Professor Wubbo Ockels, who in 1985 became the first Dutch citizen in space, part of the shuttle Challenger crew, and is designed by Antonia Terzi, an Italian aerodynamicist who has worked for the Ferrari and Williams Formula One teams. The Super bus has the length and width… Read more »

Dubai’s O-14 Tower

Dubai is fast becoming the fertile field for bizarre designs of mega developments, it’s an architect’s wonderland. Designers Jesse Reiser and Nanoko Umemoto of RUR Architecture have found great enthusiasm in Dubai for innovative architecture, which clearly shows up in their  “O 14″ tower.   While, the majority of the city’s skyscrapers tends to follow the school of modernism, sharp edges and all glass facades, the “O-14″ tower is certainly different. For a fact, its not a skyscraper, it houses 22 stories and 31400 square meters (300,000 square feet) of offices & commercial space.  the most significant feature of the O-14 is its… Read more »

The World’s 4th Tallest Tower – Wuhan, China

Another Chinese architectural giant is emerging on the scene. On Tuesday 21st of June, the Wuhan Greenland center tower, was announced to be the Landmark of the city of Wuhan in central China, potentially transiting the city from a regional center to an international one. Upon completion the tower would be the 4th tallest structure in the world at 606 m, 119 stories high, dwarfed only by the likes of the Shanghai Tower -scheduled for completion in 2014- at 632 meters high,  and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower at 828 m high. American firm Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture, the winner of… Read more »

Dubai gets the Longest Unmanned Train

Metro systems have evolved to take one of the biggest roles in modern transportation, with a 160 active systems in 2010 worldwide. In 1863, London, UK was the first city to have an underground metro in the world.  In 1987, the Middle East and Africa got their first subway in Cairo, Egypt. The second Middle Eastern metro system was a project that attracted the spot lights.  On the 9th September 2009 at 9:09:09 pm Dubai Metro became the newest system to start operation in the ME. Consisting of 2 major lines, the first line (red line) serves 10 stations and… Read more »

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