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What if Other Planets Replaced the Moon?

Space enthusiast Ron Miller wondered what if other planet’s replaced moon? He turned his curiousity into a surreal series of retouched images where the moon is replaced by one of the other seven planets. Miller left the real distance from the Earth to the moon (around 240,000 miles) and kept the chemical makeup and lustrous color of each planet. “We’re pretending, of course, that Venus would still have the same atmospheric conditions if it were in essentially the same orbit as the Earth.” – says Miller about gaseous planet Venus Great perspective on imagening how large other planets are compared to the moon. Moon… Read more »

Spectacular Landscapes of Earth from the European Space Agency

European Space Agency has a fascinating archive of  images called Observing the Earth. Updated weekly it brings breathtaking shots of our planet‘s beauty taken by many different satellites from space. From a fast look the gallery gives a feeling of abstract paintings while actually spotlighting the incredible reality.

Mapping The World’s Stereotypes in 31 Humorous Images

Ever wanted a guide of how foreigners think of your country and people?! This Satirical cartography project about geographic prejudices and national impressions puts it all in your hands. Created by London-based, Bulgarian visual artist Yanko Tsvetkov, whose decision to create infographical world maps based on people’s views and opinions, reveals humorous stereotypes and the premature judgement of mankind. Find your country in each map and let us know how accurate they are in the comments below. Enjoy! SEE ALSO: Grandmas Dishes From Around the World  SEE ALSO: Government Budgets: Education vs Military Spending [infographic]

Picture of the Day: NASA Released View of Earth from Saturn

This photo was taken on July 19,  2013 from the Cassini spacecraft. The wide-angle camera has captured Saturn rings along with our planet Earth, which is 898 million miles (1.44 billion kilometers) away in this image and appears as a blue dot at center right. You can notice the moon as a fainter protrusion off Earth’s right side. The other bright dots nearby are stars. According to NASA this is only the third time ever that Earth has been imaged from the outer solar system.

Global Flight Paths Define the World’s Map

An eye-opening graphical presentation by Michael Markieta, a transportation planner at global engineering and design firm Arup, visualizing the sheer volume of flight paths crossing the globe, and showing the human travel pattern.  Markieta used lighter shades of blue to denote shorter and overlapping flights and darker shades for longer flights with little or no overlap.  With more than 58,000 flight paths criss-crossing the globe, not surprisingly, bright hotspots appear in areas where many flight paths coincide with the world’s major cities. Even without a visual map of the world, you can clearly make out all the major continents and countries, and observe one… Read more »

10 Breathtaking Timelapses to Celebrate Earth Day

Monday, April 22nd, is Earth Day — the only day of the year dedicated to celebrate our home planet responsible for giving us life and beauty in all of its forms and pictures. Here’s to celebrating our home planet’s biggest day: 10 timelapse videos that perfectly capture Earth’s breathtaking landscapes. They’ll make you want to rush outside and hug a tree (or, better yet, plant one). A Forest Year Alchemy Aurora Borealis Landscapes Fall in Central Park Natural Phenomena The Northern Lights Dance Solar Eclipse Around the World in a Time-Lapse Earth Happy Earth Day everyone! [mashable]

DigitalGlobe’s Top 20 Satellite Images in 2012

In the beginning of December 2012, DigitalGlobe has announced the launch of their annual Top Satellite Image of the Year 2012 event, where experts have dug through the trillions of pixels photographed by their satellites and found 20 images that they think are especially amazing. It has been left to the audience to decide which ones is thought to be the most interesting, aesthetically pleasing and/or astounding. Where a voting is taking place on DigitalGlobe’s Facebook page album Top Image Contest – 2012 album. And the 5 out of 20 images with the most “likes” will make it to the final round. They will then… Read more »

An Illustrative Tribute to Neil Armstrong

A couple of days ago the world has lost American astronaut Neil Armstrong, who made “one giant leap for mankind”, becoming the first person to walk on the Moon. in July 1969, Armstrong and fellow astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins blasted off in Apollo 11 on a nearly 250,000-mile journey to the moon that went down in the history books. They were on the moon’s surface for two hours and a half. Armstrong passed away at age 82 due to complications from a recent heart surgery. Graphic designer Nico Encarnacion, 21, based in South Korea, created this sweet tribute in memory of Armstrong. He… Read more »

An Arctic View of Our Blue Marble

For the first time, NASA captures an image of the whole volume of our home planet looking down at the North Pole. At an altitude of 828 Km (512 miles), Earth looks different than the image we’re used too of the eastern and western hemishperes snapped from the orbital plane of the planet. This view shows the UK and Greenland clearly, Europe, most of Asia, northern Africa and north America. The Arctic view of the Blue Marble is not a single photo,  according to NASA, it took 15 orbits of the  recently launched Suomi NPP satellite provided the VIIRS instrument, to gather the pixels… Read more »

Daily Mail’s Top 10 Google Earth Images

British Daily Mail selected the 10 most amazing Google Earth snapshots voted by visitors of Stratoscam website, a site created by Paul Rademacher, an ex-Dreamworks and Google employee. It’s the first online source of mashed images from Google’s satellites.

Waterway to Orbit by James Vernacotola

Photographer James Vernacotola captured this stunning long exposure image in 2010 of Space Shuttle Endeavor launch from the Intracoastal Waterway Bridge in Ponte Vedra, Florida; about 115 miles from the launch pad. This launch was extra special because it was NASA’s last scheduled night launch of the space shuttle program. The brilliance of the moment and location of the photo is without a doubt captivating and unique. It was featured in the June/July 2010 issue of Air & Space/ Smithsonian and as an honorable mention in the 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest.

Astronaut Andre Kuipers Shares Stunning Images of Earth from Space

In space, 28,000 km/h, 400 km above Earth, Dutch astronaut and physician Andre Kuipers is currently on a 191-days research mission at the International Space Station. Lately, he’s been sharing with the world some of the most amazing views of our beloved home planet up from his perspective. Don’t feel surprised to know that the breathtaking imagery is shot using only his Nikon D3S and not a sophisticated satellite photo-snapping device. The spectacular views of the universe’s constant activity and the spectrum of colors it offers is absolutely magnificent.

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