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The Stunning “EGYPT HD” Time-Lapse by Koree Films Has Been Released!

A few weeks earlier we posted the official teaser of the  time-lapse short film entitled ‘Egypt HD’, along side some of the photos used in the movie that were sent to us by the makers. Well, this morning photographer, director and editor Abd El Rahman Gabr, of Koree Films, and Qube Productions (previously featured here and here) has released his masterpiece after months and months of hard work. Gabr, started traveling and shooting in September 2012, he later joined efforts with Mahmoud Zahran, who together, roamed the country shooting some 50,000 images to create their first ever professional time-lapse. The movie is primarily aimed at exploring the most amazing and exotic locations… Read more »

Unbelievable Photographs Taken by Crazy Russians Who Illegally Climbed Egypt’s Great Pyramid

A group of Russian photographers illegally climbed the great Pyramids of Giza – hiding from guards for four hours after closing time before beginning the ascent, and snapped these never-taken-before photos of the view on top of one of the last standing 7 wonders of the world.

Picture of the Day: Guardian of Karnak Temple

Guardian of Karnak Temple – Luxor, Egypt For today’s Picture of the Day, we have this magical snap by Australian photographer Jarrod Castaing taken on his visit to Luxor, Egypt on March 01, 2010 of the Karnak Temple. The Karnak Temple complex is a vast open-air museum and the largest ancient religious site in the world. It is believed to be the second most visited historical site in Egypt; second only to the Giza Pyramids near Cairo. It consists of four main parts of which only the largest is currently open to the general public. The photograph was an Editors’ Pick from the Smithsonian magazine 2012… Read more »

“EGYPT HD” Teaser

Egypt-based photographer, director and editor Abd El Rahman Gabr, of Koree Films, (previously featured here and here), has sent us this morning an exclusive teaser for his upcoming timelapse short film entitled “EGYPT HD”. The movie is aimed at exploring the most amazing and exotic locations in Egypt. “Our purpose of this video is to show and give true credit to this country.” Gabr describes Gabr is set to take off on a few more travel destination around Egypt to finalize shooting for his movie for a release by early spring 2013. Watch the teaser and stay tuned for the full version’s release here on… Read more »

The Breathtaking Views at Mount Sinai in Egypt

In preparations for his upcoming time-lapse short movie ‘EGYPT HD’, Egyptian photographer, director and editor Abd El Rahman Gabr, of Koree Films started touring the country gathering footage and snapping photos of Egypt’s most exquisite locations. Gabr, (previously featured here for his Alexandria time-lapse video), was kind enough to send us some photos from one of the locations included in his upcoming movie. The photos below are snapped off the peak of Mount Sinai, a 2,285-meter (7,497 ft) high mountain near Saint Catherine in the Sinai peninsula, Egypt. The summit of the mountain has a mosque that is still used; and a Greek Orthodox chapel, constructed in 1934 on the ruins of a 16th… Read more »

Picture of the Day: Winter in Alexandria, Egypt

One of the most stunning captures I’ve seen of my hometown, Alexandria, Egypt, is snapped by the talented amateur photographer Amy El Shaarawy. Her photograph of Alexandria’s main seaside road wet from rain and angry waves, briefly describes and sums up what the city is all about. Though a coastal city popular for its beaches, resorts and summer getaways, anyone that know Alexandria loves its quiet and heart-warming rainy winters further more than its crowded hot and humid summers. Great photograph! [Wet me Alex © Amy Elshaarawy] [On Flickr]

A Heartwarming Time-Lapse Video of Egypt’s Beautiful Alexandria

Egypt-based photographer, director and editor Abd El Rahman Gabr, of Koree Films, has teamed up with photographer Mohamed Chehimi to create this heart-warming time-lapse video of Alexandria, Egypt‘s 2nd largest city. The amount of skill and effort put into the motion picture is astounding, framing and colors are perfectly intact to make you feel the vibe of a seaside city that blends tradition and culture . The gear used is a Canon EOS 7d, lenses: Ef 70-200 mm 2.8, Ef 50 mm 1.4, and Sigma 10-20 mm.

Islamic Cairo – Episode IV: A Glimpse Inside Sultan Al-Zahir Barqouq Mosque

Egypt-based photographer Ahmad Ghonaim, previously featured on our blog through his “Islamic Cairo” photo shoots, has sent us his latest image gallery of Sultan Al-Zahir Barqouq Mosque located in Al-Moez Li-Din Allah Street, Old Cairo, Egypt. The facility was built in the Mamluk dynasty, between the years 1384 and 1386, and designed by architect Shihab al Din Ahmad ibn Muhammad al Tuluni. The Mosque is a complete educational complex, comprising a funerary hall and a school, along with the praying hall. This complex demonstrates a then-newly developed architectural style, with its marble paneling, bronze-plate doors, molded stone ornament, and elaborately worked minaret,… Read more »

A Visit to El Mandara Ecolodge in Fayoum, Egypt

In February we featured the launch of El Mandara Ecolodge by Lake Qarun in Fayoum, Egypt, a project owned by a group of friends that decided to take their chances in starting a new hope towards sustainability in dire straits times for Egypt. The getaway had a great launch and have seen plenty of progress in reputation building. With the weather in Egypt warming up for a hot summer, we packed our bags and headed southwest of Cairo for a personal visit over at the little lodge by the lake. After about 40 minutes of driving on the highway and another… Read more »

Reviving Egypt’s Postcards, at 10 Mahmoud Bassiouny

Project Postcard, a simple yet appealing initiative set to redefine postcards of Egypt. The eye-catching project is a product of conversations between Gino Kamal, Hoda El Sherif and Heba Nawara of Egyptian art & culture studio 10 Mahmoud Bassiouny in Cairo. They discovered that by conducting a simple Google image search for keywords “Egypt postcards“, results returned very traditional types of postcards with prints of pharaohs, pyramids, and museums; stereotypes that -according to them- do not represent today’s Egypt anymore.

El Mandara Sustainable Eco-Lodge, Lake Qarun, Fayoum

As Egypt’s economy suffers from the dire straits following the 2011 revolution that ousted the long time ruler Hosni Mubarak, almost every person started to dream of the potentials Egypt has towards fulfilling one’s future ambitions. One of the great examples I’ve seen belongs to a group of friends of mine that have decided to sail against a very windy sea. Their kick starter was an idea to turn a set of old deserted huts on the coast of Lake Qarun in Fayum, Egypt into an oasis Eco-lodge serving time-share and rental based accommodation. Taking the risk of investing into a stagnant economy… Read more »

Islamic Cairo – Episode III: Sufi Tannoora Dance

Tannoura is an Egyptian folk dance derived from the whirling dance performed as a Sufi religious festivity. The term Tannoura refers to the large skirt used in the performance. It’s considered one of the most popular dances in North Africa.

Islamic Cairo – Episode II: The Inside of Mohamed Ali Mosque

Built between 1830 and 1848, the Ottoman-style Mohamed ‘Ali Mosque or Alabaster Mosque is the most noticeable in all of Cairo. for more than 150 years it has dominated the skyline with its animated silhouette and twin minarets, making it one of the most visible mosques in Cairo. The 19th century islamic monument holds an impressive interior because of its enormity, and showing off wonderful arrangement of mass and space that is a characteristic of Istanbul mosques. The main, high dome of the mosque soars 52 meters high, with a diameter of 21 meters. The grandeur of this single, large chamber is enhanced by a circle… Read more »

Paint Cairo – An initiative to Beautify The Slums

In an Intiative that carries a message of hope for a brighter tomorrow, Egyptian urban development firm Takween piloted the “Paint Cairo” campaign in Ezbet Khairallah, one of the largest unplanned communities in Egypt, with a population close to 650,000 inhabitants and a sprawling area of about 12 square kilometers (480 acres) on a rocky plateau that lies in the southern part of Cairo. The Concept of the intiative aims at painting the city and offering a makeover to the general outlook of where one lives, where buildings are usually left without without a finish layer of plaster and paint, resulting in jungles of… Read more »

Islamic Cairo – Episode I: Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque

This mosque was built for Ahmad ibn Tulun, son of a Turkish slave of the Abbasid caliph al-Ma’mun, From these humble origins he rose to great power, founding the Tulunid Dynasty (868-905 AD) of Egypt. Ibn Tulun founded a new royal city on an outcrop of rock called Jabal Yashkur near the Muqattam range to the northeast of al-Fustat (Southern central part of present day Cairo). The mosque that he had built over a period of three years (870 to 879 AD) out of mud-bricks, in order to accommodate all of his troops, it became the focal point of the Tulunid capital that lasted only 26… Read more »

Naomi Campbell’s Eye of Horus House – By Luis de Garrido

A luxurious and spacious summer mansion, shaped like the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus, is designed by Spanish architect Luis de Garrido. The home is fittingly located on the Isla Playa de Cleopatra in Turkey, was a birthday gift for famous model Naomi Campbell from her boyfriend. The home, that sports 25 bedrooms and 5 lounges, is said to supply its need of water and electricity making it completely sustainable and quite inexpensive for a home of its size and technology.  The eye’s black outline is made up of photovoltaic panels, which work in combination with a geothermal system to provide all the home’s energy needs.  Rainwater is… Read more »

Egypt’s Orascom Group Revives the World’s Worst Building

The Ryugyong Hotel, in downtown Pyongyang, North Korea, once described as the worst building in the world, is now being revived by Orascom Group, an Egyptian construction company, and is scheduled to open in 2012. The hotel was a project aiming to show off the powers of communist North Korea in the cold war era. Construction that started in early 1987 on the mega hotel, stumbled with the crackdown of communism, which if completed as scheduled, it would’ve been open by June 1989, as the tallest hotel and 7th tallest building in the world. After the crumbling of the Communist bloc… Read more »

The Bridge between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, A Dream Come True ?
SLIDE-S – Egypt’s Solar Green House

Egypt to be the first African country to compete in the 2012 European Solar Decathlon with the Slide-S Solar House. The SLIDES (sustainable, livable, and interactive design) house concept, designed by a team of architecture as well as mechanical, construction and electrical engineering students at the American university in Cairo (AUC), is a solar-powered living structure designed to address local sustainability challenges. The design team looked at Egypt, a country known for its generous amount of solar rays all year round, and tempratures rising well into the 40s C (100s F) during the summer months, and decided to create a green home to tame the… Read more »

Will Cairo ever see Zaha Hadid’s NILE TOWER ?

In 2007, British Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid started working on a design for the Nile Tower – a multi-purpose use skyscraper, to be located at the northern edge of downtown Cairo, (for those of you who know Cairo, it neighbors the National-Ahly Bank twin towers in Maspero) . Nile Tower, a 70 story building reaching up a height of 250 meters, will be the highest skyscraper in Egypt. The tower’s main structural elements are concrete fin walls that twists gently over the full height of the tower, opening up various for all tenants on the inside. These fin walls are reflected on the external… Read more »

A Wake up Call – Cairo Slums

CAIRO, the biggest city and metropolis in the Middle East and Africa -with a population of 16-20 millions- is  a city that has the culture, the history, the nightlife, the year round warm climate, the strategic location, and the educational facilities that have supplied Egyptians and all neighboring Arabs and Africans with higher level learning for decades.  As some might think, Cairo does have it all. What some of us do know, this is not the only face of Cairo.  The city has a behind-the-scenes side, a dark one; a study by the UN has revealed that 25-35 % of Cairo’s… Read more »

Downtown Cairo – What Can Really Be Done

A Dream in the heart of Cairo, Egypt – Ramsis Park. Downtown Cairo has been the urban center of the city since late 19th century, when the district was designed and built. It was once home to the prosperous and elite of late 19th and early 20th century. Also, it is the home of both Egyptian parliaments, a number of government buildings, including judicial ministry and interior affairs, the American university’s old campus, Cairo Train Station (Ramsis Station) and Mogama’a El Tahrir government building situated in the notorious Tahrir Square lately known for being the iconic spot of the uprising in Egypt…. Read more »

The Parallel Valley of Egypt

Egypt’s population is estimated to be a staggering 85 million inhabitants and is mostly concentrated in and around the valley of the Nile River, using up 5.5 % of Egypt’s one million sq.km area (the size of Texas and California together, twice the size of Spain, & 4 times the size of the UK). The other 94.5% of the area is simply untouched desert. In efforts to make use of Egypt’s untouched land, several projects have surfaced with various solutions on how to urbanize Egypt’s desert. One of these promising projects comes from Egypt’s scientist and the Director of the… Read more »

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